The true anti-vaxx

To remove graphene oxide from your body, as delivered by the so-called vaccine,  doctors are recommending glutathione and NAC which stimulates production of glutathione.  As does physical exercise and heat in a sauna.  I don’t like the name ‘results RNA’ but have used their products to great effect – especially nanoparticles of silver to stop a hospital acquired skin infection that was impervious to antibiotics.  After months of pain it cured in twenty four hours.  Maybe this is the baby to overpower the vaccine.  Nano-particles to chase nanoparticles.  If I had been vaxxed, and regretted it, I would certainly try it.  They have an office and warehouse in Milton Keynes.

ACG Glutathione


5 Responses to “The true anti-vaxx”

  1. danceaway says:

    Thank you for what looks like an excellent range of products, Tap. However, it is US based. I have had difficulty in the past with customs when ordering products from Dr Mercola. Did you find a UK supplier for their products?

  2. Mick says:

    Though I like the idea of using silver as a treatment you have to be careful not to use it too much because it can give you a blue tinge which will never fade. This is why aristocrats were called blue bloods. They didn’t know about microbes but they did know silver inhibited whatever it was that led to food poisoning and that’s why their plates, cutlery and cups were made from silver. But it gave them their blue tinge in the cheeks and the backs of the hands.

    Many of us have seen the photos of a hog in the US which when cut open had blue belly fat. Scientists said the likely explanation is the hog’s local water source passed through an old silver mine, and this shows the risks of taking too much colloidal silver.

    • Tapestry says:

      Interesting Mick. Yes. Take as little of any medicinal as possible. But if you have a bacterial infection silver is powerful and the nanoparticle silver ACS200 is a tiny dose and very effective.

  3. emm jay says:

    You would have had to take an awful lot for a very long time to develop Argyria (blue tinge). There’s plenty to research on this if you look in the right places.

    Below is a link to a fabulous family company that produce their own pure Colloidal Silver. We have used their wonderful product for many years and would never want to be without with it. Well worth a look.