The light in the darkness

With the fearmonger factory (aka mainstream media) pushing lies and propaganda 24-7, the UK and Ireland decided it was time for some people power.

In September 2020, the first edition of the free monthly newspaper THE LIGHT rolled off the press in the UK.

And in July 2021, the first edition THE IRISH LIGHT came out. Like it’s UK counterpart, the free newspaper is funded by the people and distributed all over the country.

Plus it’s edited by the brave investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty.

You can download each issue as a PDF, read them online, subscribe (also internationally) and donate via the links below.



Pip Fuchs

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One Response to “The light in the darkness”

  1. Steiner60 says:

    The Light is a great paper. Thanks to its subscribers it now prints 200,000 copies of each issue. Please consider subscribing for only £5 per month. This means you get your own copy delivered to you, and also pays for the printing of a further 35 or so copies for free distribution. Thanks.