Pilots Throttle-up The Pressure

Threatened airline pilots are fighting back at the industry’s tyrannical no jab no fly policies.

We received the legal document below from a group of influential pilots based in Florida USA. They are taking various airline companies to task legally over the ‘no jab no fly policy’ that is grounding perfectly healthy pilots and putting passengers at risk.

In our opinion, when it comes to flight, pilots are pretty essential. So, it’s great to see them fighting for their human rights on this medical reign of fire that large corporations seem happy to cast down on their faithful employees of late.

Funnily enough as a passenger, I don’t want to be settled into my flight socks with a glass of red in hand wondering if the most important member of the crew is going to pass out or have a cardiac event. But… that’s just the way I am at 35,000 feet, obviously the airlines think I’m just being petty.


Big up the pilots, let’s hope we see much more of this!