Netherlands Investigative Group Urging Immediate Suspension of Vaccines – Fuellmich Advising

Very important information to spread in order to find the associations that will take over in France

The Netherlands: An extra-parliamentary commission of inquiry is calling for the immediate suspension of vaccination. The number of deaths is three times higher than the number actually reported.

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If you look at what this commission is, you will see that it is advised by Reiner Fuellmich and that it has already joined forces with groups of lawyers in seven other countries to file a complaint with the ICC.

This request to suspend vaccination for false figures is very clever since it simply asks for time to verify the figures of deaths and side effects due to vaccines…Those who would refuse this request become by definition responsible.

A Dutch investigative committee is setting up a hotline for Covid vaccine-related deaths, which are three times higher than the official figures at this stage.

The website of the Vaccination Hotline, an initiative of the extra-parliamentary committee of inquiry 2020 (BPOC2020) in the Netherlands, is online. On this hotline, people can report side effects and deaths after vaccination with one of the Corona vaccines.

“The hotline was set up because we are deeply concerned about the registration of side effects and deaths by Lareb, the official government agency that registers drug side effects,” BPOC2020 explains.

“The number of vaccine death reports we have received is about three times that of Lareb. In addition, Lareb has not yet provided information on whether a causal relationship has been established between the reports registered with it and the vaccinations,” he added.

The actual number of reports is higher because BPOC2020 has not yet been able to contact all reporters. Based on these reports, an investigative report will be prepared, which the commission will use in an expedited proceeding against the health department, which is expected to take place soon.

The committee hopes the injunction will result in an immediate suspension of vaccinations. “All the signals we are receiving indicate an emergency situation,” committee chairman Dr. Pieter Kuit said in a video message.

Agnes Kant, director of Lareb, invited BPOC2020 to a meeting on September 9. “It’s important to us that Lareb be aware of the applications we’ve received here,” Kuit says.

In the meantime, the fast-track process continues, he points out. “BPOC2020 believes that the vaccination campaign should be suspended immediately so that a thorough investigation can be conducted into the vaccines and the possible causality between reports of deaths and harms to health and the vaccinations.”

To date, 1,504 deaths and 1,496 cases of serious health harm have been reported to the vaccination center as a result of the Corona vaccination.



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