2 Responses to “List of Covid-19 variants’ ‘release dates’ viral on internet”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Hmmmm…. I see.
    So, because this list of dates (which are indeed published on the WEF’s website), is ‘viral on the Internet’: it simply MUST be true that 7 billion people will be dead by about December 2023?

    Michelle Moore’s post includes a screen snapshot of a list of dates where they plan to release more ‘variants’ (of terrifying fear rhetoric), each with special names assigned to them, from the Greek alphabet to give the fake, nonexistent covid ‘variants’ a more authentic and ‘sciency’ appearance; to each new, fearfully worded propaganda campaign narrative, in effort to further terrify the TV programmed, gullible masses with to keep them all dumbed-down, subjugated and under control… However, where does it mention anything about 7 billion human beings dying, apart from what the article’s poster: ‘Michelle Moore’ claims?

    The last “Covid variant” is scheduled for February 2023, meaning by the end of 2023, 7 Billion people are scheduled to die. THEY WILL NOT STOP THE “VARIANTS” UNTIL 7 BILLION PEOPLE ARE DEAD.

    Those are her words, NOT the WEF’s.
    It’s quite possibly true – at least it could well be what Klaus, Bill and Anthony and the rest of the cabal of humanity loathing, bottom dwelling pond-life are indeed planning, but does she have any evidence to substantiate this wild claim, and if so why doesn’t she tell us where (i.e. a hyperlink) to find it?

    Check the link above to the cringeworthy site where this article came from and look at all the other bizarre ‘news stories’, from other famous, reputable and reliable informed sources, such as the great Gomez Adams (aka ‘The Health Ranger’) and good ol’ Charlie Ward among others.
    Stories they publish for the benefit of Trumpateers and Q followers, who still steadfastly believe that Trump and his team of fairy-tale resident Q-anon superheroes are going to kick Biden and Co. out of the Whitehouse and send them all to Guantanamo for life, then save the world next week, or maybe the week after.
    Actually, on second thoughts… Nah – don’t waste your time there. Stay here on Tapnews for substantiated, verifiable facts, as opposed to disappointing fantasies.

    • ian says:

      I believe that the 7 billion figure is the number of “non wealthy” useless eaters that the wealthy useless eaters would like eradicated from their planet. The non dead poor useless eaters, will be forced to race mix against their natural instincts, and live in smart but shitty cities, where they will comply or die. Happy days, here we come.