Let’s stand united against tyranny: UK police officer’s open letter to his countrymen


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We’ve maintained from the start that the globalist stooges infiltrated into our government, who seek to impose tyranny through the various strategies of intimidation, subterfuge and lies, think that if there’s any kind of a revolt – which looks increasingly likely – they can rely on the police and soldiery it enforce their will.

And that there is in fact no guarantee that the police and rank-and-file military will not side with the people.

Hence, the heartfelt and excellently researched and expressed open letter from a UK police officer featured here comes as no surprise.

As the officer urges, let’s stand together against tyranny, all of us.

We, the People – a national community that includes our constabulary and our soldiers, sailors and airmen – have a common enemy.

And that common enemy is neither a “virus” nor a power lurking with malice conveniently “over there” beyond our borders.

We all know now who they are.

And if there is still anyone out there who doesn’t get it, this police officer nails it.

And his letter provides both a beautiful, succinct summary of the attack upon our nation and a rousing call to arms.

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