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The power of corporate monopolies is intertwined with those of a rejuvenated and globalised state, its muscle massively augmented by measures ‘needed’ both to fight ‘Covid’ and also ‘to fight climate change’.

With all that fighting going on, there’s going to be a lot of broken china and broken bones.

You shouldn’t need to ask whose.

The biggest difference between this and 1930s fascism is that, under dictators like Mussolini and Hitler, the people running the state were in charge and made the decisions about society.  This time it’s the bosses of companies such as Microsoft and Facebook who run the show, with the political leaders in charge of keeping the masses in line, but very much the subordinates.

Indeed the national politicians don’t even pretend to make the rules any more, they increasingly only impose those decided for them all at international level.  The police forces and street thugs, who help impose these rules and dogmas, have a totalitarian ideology, rather different from the old one, but they continue to wear black as they seek out and intimidate any opposition.

The prospect of the ‘deplorable’ peasants rejecting the new global dictatorship, its blatant cronyism and its perpetual climate lockdown emergency measures, is something to which Klaus Schwab has given considerable thought.  Like all his fellow Great Resetters, Schwab is very concerned about populists upsetting the applecart and derailing the corporate gravy train…..

In his book ……he deplores the ‘social unrest’ that has been widespread across the world in recent years, citing the Gilets Jaunes in France among other movements and invokes the ‘sombre scenario’ that ‘the same could happen again’.

While he himself displays a childish excitement about the prospects of the technological changes which he describes as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), he frets that:

This ontological inequality will separate those who adapt from those who resist – the material winners and losers in all senses of the words.  The winners may even benefit from some form of radical human improvement generated by certain segments of the fourth industrial revolution (such as genetic engineering) from which the losers will be deprived.  This risks creating class conflicts and other clashes unlike anything we have ever seen before.’

The biggest risk, he seems to think, is ‘if technologies receive a great deal of resistance from the public.’  He and his fellow enthusiasts (Tap – who include Prince Charles) are particularly concerned that the people facing the biggest challenge from 4IR and Artificial Intelligence are likely to be upper middle class professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and architects……when the professional classes become alienated from the System, the potential arises for serious trouble.

Extracted with permission from Deus Vult – The Great Reset Resistance – by Knights Templar Order.  Pp 55-56.

This second book in the Deus Vult trilogy exposes the evil unleashed under the guise of fighting fake ‘Covid plague’ and ‘climate change’.  It explains this latest effort to create a ‘New World Order’, on the rubble left after their ‘lockdown’ demolition of the prosperity and freedom of our ‘old normal’.

This book features inspirational historic Christian martyrs.  It examines the theory and tactics of the struggles that won the freedoms the global elite are trying to steal.  It provides concrete proposals, for positive legal, and moral actions which you can undertake to help yourself, your family, your community and your nation to survive The Great Reset.


Without God’s help, we will be utterly mastered by the Satanic, global forces amassed against us.  However we have truth and decency on our side.

Be part of the true and ultimately victorious Resistance.

The book is being sold by the English Democrats at £25 a copy.