Italian Healthcare Workers Refuse Vaccine in Large Numbers

In Italy, caregivers massively refuse vaccination


The “shock” figure of the day: in Lombardy, 10,000 caregivers have refused the vaccine, in Veneto 5,000. The authorities are facing the risk of emptying clinics and hospitals.

According to reports published this week in the Italian press, the actual number of Italian health care workers refusing the so-called “anti-Covid” injections following the entry into force of decree no. 44 designed to impose them, is extremely impressive.

If in Lombardy and Veneto, the refusal of injections is massive, it is real in all regions of Italy. In Sardinia, 700 caregivers are refusing it, of whom 57 have been suspended from work. Of the 10,000 objectors in Lombardy, the suspension procedure has been launched against 2,500 of them.

The National Federation of Medical Associations, in all its pro-injection fervor, nevertheless recognizes that the decree is poorly drafted while there is a proven risk of emptying entire departments by suspending caregivers or creating medical deserts. In Cervarese Santa Croce near Padua (ER: in the region of Veneto), the one and only general practitioner in charge of treating 1,300 patients stopped practicing from one day to the next so as not to have to submit.

The same situation is happening in many “medical deserts”. Moreover, since the employment contracts do not provide for any vaccination obligation, its legal basis is very fragile. However, every health care provider is entitled to challenge the suspension before the administrative courts. Constitutional law professor and lawyer Daniele Granara is representing 10,000 health care workers in some 15 provincial courts, as well as about 2,000 school and university teachers. Another specialist in class actions, lawyer Mauro Sandri, has launched actions against the “Green Pass”, against the European Medicines Agency and represents many employees affected by the vaccination obligation.



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Italian Healthcare Workers Refuse Vaccine in Large Numbers