1. David 2 says:

    Thank you Weaver for posting these informative articles and leaving it up to teach listener or reader to decide.

    I guess we are all saying: there are billions of other people using these free services and the law of probability is that it will not affect to me.

    I did research on astrology, not because I ever took star signs seriously. But something resonated about two thousand year cycles and I decided to know a bit more. It turns out that this is secret society or occult knowledge and not mainstream knowledge. Because we have entered into a new planetary age, where humanity take back control of the earth and their own destiny. The satanists are openly waging war on the people of the planet. They have a weird religious obligation to give advance warning of their intentions. Such as the Great Reset being the reset of the ages, about creating a new trans-Human race for the new age. Where as a trans-human you will Own Nothing and Be Happy!

    Wars are always about control and they are brutal genocide which is intended to depopulate the enemy. The depopulation happens to be we, the Homo sapiens race!

    It should also be obvious that Luciferian energies are incapable of achieving anything positive for humanity. As the late John McAfee warns, they use information engineering, financial engineering, social engineering, military engineering, pandemic engineering and genetic engineering to destroy everything that is good in the world. It is how they engineer hell on earth.

    • Weaver says:

      John McAfee I am sure passed on a lot of information before his death that could expose many truths to the world.

  2. Occams says:

    I use NOTHING Goolag. I don’t use FB, Twitter, Instagram….none of it. My phone runs Linux, as does my comp.

    I often leave my phone at home, or in the car while I’m out. When I want to ‘talk’ to people, I ask them to leave their phone somewhere else.

    You’d think I was asking them to give up their child for trafficking.


    Well, if you don’t know BY NOW – and you are STILL ‘googling it’, or these alt-news sites that suggest a Google search, or ‘check out FB’ – then you’re beyond hope.

    I cannot avoid it all, and it may even be silly to try – but I won’t simply hand it to them, either.

    Like why I didn’t put on a mask in the stores…’because it’s just easier’. You HAVE to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.

    Like most

    • ian says:

      You’d think I was asking them to give up their child for trafficking.
      Yup, whilst nowhere near as organised as you Occams, I often go phoneless, but to most, the phone is part of them.

    • Alan Vaughn says:


  3. David 2 says:

    I live in France and have no real need for a mobile phone. When I give my wife’s phone number to make a reservation or get a doctor’s appointment the restaurant, etc., can see who the number belongs to.

    I guess a blockchain will soon provide details such as unvaccinated.

    Maybe John McAfee took the easy way out.