4 Responses to “Hugo Talks. 23 year old Irish footballer, dead from Jab. Media coverup.”

  1. emm jay says:

    Below, in the Irish Times re Professor Dolores Cahill – a warrant is issued for her arrest.


    • ian says:

      She has been a real thorn in their side emm jay. Dolores, Judy Mikovitz, Sherry Tenpenny, and all the other professionals who have spoken out are heroes and deserve our support. They knew that TPTB would be gunning for them. The problem here is, TPTB own the system and can do whatever they want, as long as they don’t go too overboard and wake more people up. I’ll post the Irish times article. Thank you.

      • emm jay says:

        Yep, bloody big thorn and they are more than a match for them ian. They’re all over it and gaining traction.

        Thrilled to see that the tenacious Gemma O’Doherty is the editor of the excellent ‘The Light’ newspaper, that ‘they’ don’t own. It’s a joy to read. Power to them all. Apologies, I didn’t see this comment earlier, so thanks ian for putting this up.

      • ian says:

        You are more than welcome Emm’