How to bring people together when they disagree about the current issues.

How to bring people together when they disagree about the current issues.

A psychologist shows how to broach this subject and how to make progress with people who disagree with you.

Awareness of the risks of the vaccines is a big issue.  This is how to go about it.  Do’s and dont’s.

Never tell anyone they are wrong.  Make sure we are all aware we on the same side, trying to protect our families.

Honour the other person’s experience.  Don’t deny it.

Humans are inherently trusting.  All they have done is trust the media and its narratives.

Don’t call them ‘sheep’ and they reply ‘covidiot’, there is no hope.

Both sides are human.  Both sides are trying to do what’s right.

Once people see you as on the same side as them, then they might look at their own rationale and question it.


3 Responses to “How to bring people together when they disagree about the current issues.”

  1. ian says:

    I listened to the start. When he told the story of the woman heckling, and calling the super spreaders, then the woman asked how she could help, and in the end she said she needed a hug, that was enough.

    I once posted a comment about an experiment with a group of chimps. I’ll cut it short. A risk to the chimps was shown to the subdominant chimps which gave alarm, but were dismissed. when the dominant chimps were shown the risk it was acted upon.
    From an early age via school and TV, people are guided to associate truth and authority to smartly dressed “posh” speaking people. That stays. If some ordinary joe with a dialect starts talking, it is viewed as were the subdominant chimps.

    • Tapestry says:

      Interesting take, Ian. Let the old dear have her hug. And let’s be sure of one thing – people with posh voices wearing suits steal far more of your money than anyone wearing a mask and stripy top. The system depends on destroying the wealth of the lower orders including the middle class, generation after generation. The superrich only steal for a living, and destroy. The video makes a few very good points that are worth hearing. Split families are becoming very common now over the current virus type issues, climate and so on. The pain felt by those who are rejected because of it is real. Here’s ways to soothe over the splits and bring people back together again. As with all the current challenges we have to try. I should add – keep up the good work.

      • ian says:

        Indeed Tap. I have no doubt that the video is well intentioned, and I am sure that the current situation that we find ourselves in, is causing pain and misery to many. I suspect also that the old dear would not have wanted a hug from me. Next time you are out and about, look at the people. Scruffy youths in baggy kneed jogger bottoms, are stupid, as are teenage girls covered in makeup. Meticulously groomed and dressed people are smart. Everyone seems to fall for it, as the saying goes, clothes maketh the man. The youths and makeup girls might be the smartest of smart.