1. Ulrich says:

    You had me until 1:44.

    Anyone who cannot see that National Socialism was the frontline against judeo-masonic tyranny is either shilling for that same tyranny or simply cannot join the dots.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The tyranny creates and funds all sides to wars and infiltrates/controls all political parties, Ulrich. They orchestrate and create the most evil states then they can recruit people to believe in fractionally less evil tyrannies and set all of us against each other. They hide out in apparently benign regimes and point the finger at all others, which happens to be themselves. It’s the theatre of war. Taliban the current media favourite. https://www.globalresearch.ca/kabul-not-saigon-afghanistan-drug-trade-belt-road/5754506

    • stevie k says:

      sorry Tap can’t agree, National Socialism Gave the World the blueprint for how to escape the clutches of the Judeo/Masonic banking cult. That’s why they had to be defeated and destroyed and are vilified like no other today. I’m not saying it was perfect but it was a bloody good starting point.

      • Tapestry says:

        On one level yes I agree Stevie. But not from all. Was Hitler funded by Wall Street? Yes. Was Stalin funded by Wall Street? Yes. Were the Japanese funded by British banks? Yes. The bankers funded all sides. The narrative to the German people was as you say, destroying Jewish bankers who were aiming to destroy Germany (correct in truth but not in the way they thought necessarily). The narrative to the Russian people is that they were fighting Fascism. The Japanese were fighting Imperialism, or so the ordinary Japanese were told. The war was choreographed to a plan with beginning, middle and end, with a banking cabal controlling Hitler, Churchill, Stalin and Japan. It would be lovely to believe one narrative or another, but in the end of the day, all were funded and commanded by the same banking cabal to destroy each other’s lives, wealth and cultures, so that all nations were decimated and readied for the next phase of the plan towards world government…which we are now seeing unfold with climate, COVID, The Great Reset (the end of capitalism worldwide and its replacement with communism).

      • ian says:

        An excellent comment by Tap’ there. It is not just since 9/11 etc that everything is lies upon lies. It has always been thus.