Godfather Fauci Says ‘Give Me That’ after Just Describing Ivermectin! [VIDEO]

ER Editor: The date of the Fauci video below is August 3, 2021. While we are not particularly gifted at reading the tea leaves, we draw readers’ attention to a story from a few days ago where the editor-in-chief at Bild, Julius Reichelt, put out a video apologizing to the children for having lied and propagandized to them over Covid. See German Media Outlet Issues Remarkable Apology for Lies and Harms Done to Children [VIDEO].

Now the CDC director is saying the vaccines don’t prevent transmission. See CDC Director Changes Her Story, Now Admits COVID Vaccines Don’t Prevent Virus Transmission. And now Fauci.

It would appear the narrative is beginning to change …

And it should. See below just how many of the newly sick Israelis with ‘Covid’ (or whatever it is) are vaccinated.


Godfather Fauci says, “Give me that and I’d be really happy” after just describing the characteristics of ivermectin! If he can kill a few hundred thousand without blinking an eye, what else can you call him?



Fauci is asked about his ideal drug for Covid.  And he lists these characteristics as his “Optimal Profile:”

  • a pill that block a viral function
  • oral, not injected
  • minimal drug-drug interactions
  • use for 7–10 days
  • low toxicity

He points out you should “take it early in the disease” and

if you can keep that virus from going down into the lungs and to other organ systems, you can change that disease to a common cold type approach.  We only need to knock out that virus for 7-10 days.

Folks, the ship is turning.  Sad to say, too many died waiting.  And Fauci the money man is not going to shill for a drug his agency can’t patent.  He’ll instead extract more taxpayer money in a vain attempt to find this perfect drug–which a pharmacist just refused to dispense to a patient of mine, no doubt in part due to Fauci’s criminal machinations.

But what will happen is that the concept of early treatment–not waiting it out–will enter the public consciousness.  And some people will realize there is already a drug out there that can be used early.

While now Israel is saying 85-90% of those hospitalized with Covid (in a huge wave) were vaccinated.  And 95% of those with severe disease are vaccinated.  Israeli TV yesterday:






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Godfather Fauci Says ‘Give Me That’ after Just Describing Ivermectin! [VIDEO]