1. emm jay says:

    That’s the way to do it! Vive la France 🙂

  2. ian says:


  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    For now, maybe…
    I’d be prepared to bet the humanity loathing lying, eugenicists in government will win this waiting game. And they won’t care, in fact they’ll be happy if all restaurants and small businesses go bankrupt. They have plenty of time and infinite amounts of money they’ve never had it so good, and all at our expense: The poorer and more destitute we are, the better life is for THEM.
    The serfs will eventually capitulate – buy a little more time: get the death jab and the slave passport. When they do, it will mean the end for all of us: Slave pass for society, or starve to death. They’ll surrender: accept it all just to survive.
    It’s just hopeless. Nowhere near enough of us have the required intrepidness to resist this tiny, yet seemingly all powerful gang of hateful, murderous cretins.

    Suicide is looking more and more attractive with each passing day in this global prison. Many have already opted for that final solution, now I’m really starting to understand and appreciate why they did.

  4. Ulrich says:

    @Alan Vaughn
    I’ve read and agreed with many of your comments from this website so I truly hope you dont go down the suicide path.
    We need more awake, intelligent people like you. Self capitulation is handing the evil ones a easy victory.
    Our ancestors have lived through many trials over the time we’ve been on earth. We’ve won before and we’ll win again. Our inherent need to survive is far stronger and all encompassing than their twisted desire to subjugate.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Sorry Ulrich,
      But fear NOT, I have no intention of leaving this sinking ship anytime soon. I’ll stay with it right up to when it reaches its final resting place on the bottom of the ocean of diabolical LIES it’s floating on.
      The comment was just my way of expressing how disappointed I am in humanity as a whole and the frustration I feel in the knowledge that there isn’t much we (those like yourself and other readers of this forum & other likeminded folks everywhere else), can do to prevent the inevitable disaster of this so-called ‘new normal’; until the moronic muzzled sheep wake up and decide they want to live as free human beings too, or, even to live at all for much longer.
      However, we just never know, what might happen. Our wonderful Creator is full of surprises, anything’s possible in this insane new world.
      So, I’ll be hanging around to see how it all pans out, while maintaining my strong faith, steadfast in my belief that this bizarre, man-made crisis cannot and will not continue for much longer.
      Once their fragile house of cards topples, many doors might open to a far better world than we ever dreamed possible.

      At times, it’s quite difficult to stay on track – to keep my faith and I end up thinking, ‘aww what’s the use’ and give up, but only temporarily: I’ll never let it go completely, I’ll ALWAYS be here for you good people – my true friends, (albeit true friends I’ve never met), but hope to meet some day. 🤝