For information purposes – Pilots and crew walked off boarded plane

May be an image of text that says "emberkayj 15h David has been stuck ın Houston for 26 hours now Pilots and crew walked off boarded flights Won't come in because they are being told they're gonna be firedif they don't take the vax Media is keeping it hush don't wanna wake the lions But airports all around he country are becoming jammed up because of the pilots walking off and refusing to come in"

Edit: I so much want this to be true. However, I also do not want to spread misinformation.
People are saying they saw entire crews walk off the plane. That’s because they timed out from all the delays, and once that’s done they have to leave, and a new crew has to take over, if one is available.
Others are saying crews are working on getting lawsuits going.
Regardless: If all who disagreed with with current events stood up and simply said NO, this would be done. It continues because people ALLOW it to continue. It continues because people are AFRAID to speak. The Emporer Had No Clothes. BE BRAVE!!!!