Fightback News: Ireland – a song for freedom


This is the greatest freedom song of all time.

Why is that?

No other song in the history of the world has faced the level of oppression that ‘The Fighting Shebeens’ faced in its production.

Based on the anti-agenda nature of this song…the artist, G Capo, was threatened to be shot, taken to court, sued and more.

The original singer backed out, 9 Irish dancing schools backed out including one school who shot all their scenes and at the last minute told G Capo that they cannot associate with such a song.

The final Irish Dancing School wanted out also but after having signed their consent before scenes were shot, they pleasantly asked that their Dancing School name not be associated with this song.

Many of the original musicians backed out also and at one point, the artist faced the realisation that nobody will help him with this message.

After reaching out to the Irish Public through freedom sites on social media, musicians from all over the country heard the call and came to his aid.

G Capo is fearless and he’s dedicated to assemble an army of freedom fighters to push back against this very fear which is plaguing his environment, a fear which was so evident throughout this production and seeps deep into the hearts of many.

In the same way as fire and music inspired our forefathers to fight back against the British Empire, ‘The Fighting Shebeens’ returns to the people the very essence of what it means to be Irish, and what music and art can do to warm the blood of rebellion.

As General Michael once said ‘Give us the future, we’ve had enough of your past. Give us back our country to live in—to grow in, to love.’


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    G Capo- I’m on it (Corona Diss)
    2,918 views 10 months ago
    Total and utter ‘take the piss’ of the current situation on the planet, something to cast a little humour on it all. Laughter is the key to good health.