Everyone should be reading Deus Vult – The Great Reset Resistance.

I ordered Deus Vult from the English Democrats for £25, and have read nearly 20% of its pages.  I must point out before saying what I want to say about it that I would not agree with every word, and there are a few  details that I would contend with.  Things like the polio vaccine,  the book’s take on ‘conspiracy theorists’ and the rubbishing of the 77 Brigade narrative.  There may be good reasons why the authors wish not to shine a lamp onto the armed forces, of course, and to limit the creation of too many ‘theories’, when there are many facts people need to know.  Theories can turn everything to dust, and we need somewhere to begin the work of turning this around, some one we can trust.

That said Deus Vult is an important work that everyone should read.  It has the best explanation available of what The Great Reset will be bringing in.   I have not come across similar anywhere else.  No longer just a few titbits Deus Vult gives the full picture, and is open about the role of Prince Charles in the destruction of our lives, businesses and communities.

This is written by a person or persons who know a lot about what is going on – not from an individual but from a well informed organisation – styling themselves Knights Templar Order .

It does not make for joyous reading, I must warn you, but it provides razor sharp focus on what the threat is and what can be done about it.  The second title of the book is ‘The Great Reset Resistance‘.

If you want to save yourselves, and your families from what is coming you have to buy and read this book.

Politics is not a perfect science, but in the UK, there is no resistance to the Marxist programme of the New World Order anywhere other the English Democrats, and whoever stands behind them.  This book gives a few clues as to who that might be.  We are not currently endowed with many choices.   Here is one, and we should follow these people who are trying to help us.  Until the majority awaken, there is not much we can do but wait.  As the tyranny grows the majority will finally awaken, but meantime the few can do much to build the resistance.  This book says it will explain how to do that, and certainly explains what we have to resist against and why.

Don’t be fooled by ‘Freedom Day’ – Covid Lockdowns are here to STAY!

Read this and understand what is REALLY going on and why!

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The Second book in the Deus Vult series –

“The Great Reset Resistance”!


What on earth has happened to England this last 18 months? Lockdowns, authoritarian rule, suspension of parliamentary democracy and function. Increased police powers and draconian “proclaimed” legislation against anyone who dares object to wearing masks or dares question the efficacy of vaccines!

Ask yourself: would this, could this, have happened even just 10 years ago? So why now, why the panic, why is the state tightening its grip on us? Every true Englishman and woman simply must obtain a copy of this book IF we are to fight back against the growing anti-English tyranny engulfing our society at present.

The ONLY credible book to explain these vital questions is ‘The Great Reset Resistance’.

The Great Reset is the global elite plot to use the covid and man-made climate change panics as the excuse to dismantle our society. Bill Gates. Klaus Schwab and Co are out to destroy the middle class and independent businesses, seize the world’s wealth and impose a worldwide corporate surveillance tyranny to crush resistance.



Deus Vult – the Great Reset Resistance starts by explaining exactly what the Great Reset is all about. It sets out in stark detail the full horror of the plan. It exposes the insanely greedy and arrogant elite whom aren’t just aiming to turn us all into slaves on their global plantation.

The best thing about this remarkable, top-quality hardback is that it concentrates not on the evil of the Great Reset but on what we can all do to help resist it. After two stunning chapters explaining the problem, the remaining 14 offer solutions.

Chapters on the fate of past Patriotic and Christian martyrs, remind us that we should fight, rather than fear, the petty tyrants of today. It all puts the ‘hardships’ of doxxing, pressure at work, deplatforming, cancel-culture and prosecutions for ‘hate-speech’ very much into context.

The book then studies past theories of non-violent civil disobedience and has a chapter about how and why we must ‘learn from history’.

Then it moves on to five chapters about the immediate threats which the global elite’s power and wealth grab pose to YOU, and sets out concrete and achievable steps we can all take to safeguard ourselves, families and communities.

This is a book for all True English patriots, not just Christians. The inspiration, wisdom and practical answers it sets out will help everyone who reads it to survive the turmoil and inevitable future collapse of the Great Reset. It is a true classic for our times.

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Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Party Chairman


One Response to “Everyone should be reading Deus Vult – The Great Reset Resistance.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I was expecting a comment about the single eye and the occult influence. The material in the book about The Great Reset is excellent. As to who or what is behind the book I’d like to hear other views. There are many suggestions in the second part of the book as to how you can protect yourself. I greatly prefer the Delingpole/Thompson Christian approach. The Deus Vult claims to be traditional Christian. How does the occult fit in? The book is well worth reading whatever the answer to that question.