1. Alan Vaughn says:

    This is embarrassing and where I have to draw the line between what I can (reluctantly) believe and dismiss as total BS.
    This one crosses over the line and rests firmly on the total BS side!
    Awww, c’mon… Get real!
    Where and HOW can anyone hide that many deaths, that supposedly occurred over one week?
    That many even in one year would be pretty difficult to keep out of the spotlight. What did they do with all those bodies? Did none or at least most of them even deserve to be respectfully farewelled with a funeral? Were none of their deaths promulgated in the death notices of local newspapers?
    It’s these kinds of ludicrous claims that are ruining any credibility we may have had.
    And of course a ‘yet to be named’ whistle blower. I.e. Mr or Ms Nobody.
    The whole thing’s patented nonsense and it won’t help if anyone of us takes it seriously, or is willing to believe one word of it.

    • ROTH says:

      I don’t believe she means over a single week, more that they occurred within a week of taking a vaccine.

      Anyhow, these charts are interesting: https://www.euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps#excess-mortality

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Ok, Thank you ROTH,
        I concur I must have misinterpreted what she meant by ‘within a week’, although what also threw me in the direction of that conclusion was what Dr Sherri said about the whistleblower: ‘yet to be named’. Fake stories or ‘rumours’ are often based upon claims made by unknown, thus totally unreliable sources. They often use fear of losing their employment as an excuse for remaining totally anonymous, but if they’re aware of anyone playing an active role in this current diabolical crime against humanity, they wouldn’t care about losing their lousy jobs: Working for a bunch of humanity loathing, lying murderous psychopaths – they’d proudly resign in protest as well as expose them. Then, on the other hand it could easily be true that their ‘lousy job’ might not be the only thing they stand to lose. I.e. Dr Joseph Mercola and his 48 hour limit on all of his published online articles. Yet he still openly criticises them and exposes their lies almost daily. He doesn’t feel a need to hide behind the shield of anonymity!
        The trends you posted the links to, most certainly indicate a sharp rise in all cause deaths and the only thing I can think of that coincides with them is the corresponding increase in consumption of the death jabs.
        No doubt the lying anti-humanity governments and their manipulated mainstream media shills will be incessantly and hysterically insisting that the deaths are directly attributable to some new (fabricated, thus nonexistent), ‘variant’ and of course this new variant was mutated and is now being rapidly spread by us filthy, ‘unvaccinated’ pariahs!
        We really are facing a clear & present danger now, not from the ‘vaccine’, (being forced to take it), or non existent covid variants, but from being hunted down and burned at the stake by the global MOB of hysterical, TV programmed, ignorant and deeply superstitious, slave-muzzled, and ‘fully vaccinated’ zombies.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Maybe Alan. Yet a neighbour’s grandmother passed away after being vaxxed. A friend’s grandmother passed away being vaxxed. A local teacher aged 45 fit and healthy previously collapsed and died. The families don’t like to talk about the vaccine obviously. It’s their loved ones and they have to deal with the emotions, and wouldn’t like to think that they or their relative had made a mistake resulting in their death. It’s easier to just move on. Just from the people we know (not that many) and how many grandparents died in the last six months, there must be some big numbers over the whole population. The problem is that from this silence the perpetrators can get away with saying the people were not dying from their so-called vaccine.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      “The problem is that from this silence the perpetrators can get away with saying the people were not dying from their so-called vaccine.”

      Yes, I see your valid point and totally agree Tap, please see my reply above to ROTH.
      I misunderstood Dr Sherri Tenpenny, but I’m also rather reluctant to take seriously, any claims made by unknown or anonymous informers, or whistleblowers. To me, a genuine whistleblower stands by his/her convictions, by unashamedly identifying themselves. I.e. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and many, many more.

      • Tapestry says:

        Maybe Alan, but fear is growing as the threat level rises. The size of the figure is not really the issue to me. It’s the fact that people are being killed by vaccine, while the media claims it is helping them. 50,000, 500,000, millions or billions? The lie is the lie.