Dr Pierre Gilbert, on magnetic vaccines. from 1995. Zombification by vaxx. Essential reading, watch the brief video link.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Dr. Pierre Gilbert

In light of what I said in the previous post (please read if you have not), I have become aware of something which I think is very much of significance as to the real hidden purpose of the Covid 19 injection push on humanity.  As I have said before, it has not been clear at all to me what the real purpose of the injections are, but this man named Dr. Pierre Gilbert made some very significant statements in 1995 that seem to be the real reason of it.   This is the first I have become aware of this topic so this is completely new to me.

First, here is the video from this French doctor in 1995 which I would like you to watch and then I will discuss it below

How could this man know these things?  As I have said before, NWO plan things many years in advance and then make them happen in the world.  This is one of the major ways NWO control the world.  So this man somehow became aware of those plans which were known to him in 1995 or before and he is trying to publicize them in this video.  It would not surprise me to learn that this man died a sudden unexpected death sometime (probably shortly) after this video was made because one thing the NWO value is secrecy and any honest individual who attempts to expose their plans can expect harassment at the very least and assassination at the worst. Remember what happened to Aaron Russo when he disclosed their plans publicly.

What follows are some things this man said that I see directly relating to Covid 19 and the Covid 19 vaccination push.

He said they will create intentional infections in order to get the public to take the injections.  I see this exactly as what has happened with Covid 19.  IMO Covid 19 is not just a lie but it is something which has purposely created in a lab and purposely released into the world in order to give a pretext for everyone getting an injection to protect themselves from it. If you read my previous post called Everything Seen is a means to an End, this is exactly what I meant.  “Covid 19” is/was just a means to the desired end of getting all of humanity to take an injection into their bodies, without having any idea of the true purpose of the injections or the long term consequences to them of taking the injection.

He also said that mandatory injections will be enforced by Law.  Already this has been seriously proposed in Europe. It has not happened anywhere in the world yet but I fully believe that it will happen because it is planned to happen.  The Snakes are just getting humanity ready for it to happen now.  If they move too fast with their plans then humanity will object so the snakes are going step by step to work humanity to this point.  Because they know that no matter what they do, there will always be people who resist being vaccinated and so the vaccine must be forced upon those who refuse to willingly take it.  I believe that this is the future of humanity, that they will eventually pass laws in many countries including the USA that makes the vaccine mandatory.  I envision that scare tactics will be used to get the public to accept this, such as a much more deadly variant of Covid 19 that requires a heavy handed government response to “protect the public” from this danger. But it will all just be a deception to get everyone vaccinated.  For some reason they want everyone to get this shot.  It cannot be that just some get it and some don’t.  Everyone must get it is part of the hidden agenda of the Snake

He referred to the vaccines as being a purposeful contamination of the bloodstream of mankind for hidden agenda or agendas.

He also the vaccines will contain liquid crystals that will respond to magnetic fields. This is very significant because many people recently have shown evidence that the Covid 19 vaccines do contain particles that respond to magnetic fields.

He also said that the liquid crystals (delivered by the vaccine) will be hosted in the brain cells (ie the neurons) of the person who received the vaccine and that this liquid crystals in the brain cells become like micro receivers of electromagnetic fields. He said that people will be unable to think for themselves and will instead be controlled remotely. What Dr. Gilbert is saying is that this technology has been developed in secret.  Since the beginning of its development it has undoubtedly been tested on many people, without their awareness.  Please look at the next paragraph on Organized gang stalking to understand how that organized gang stalking as it has been observed by many people could in reality be the testing of this secret mind control technology. He also said that at some point in the future (after 1995) it will be implemented world wide on a huge scale to attempt to control all of humanity.

He said the vaccines will make it possible to control people against their will.

He said that ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) signals will be used to give commands to people. I note that the worldwide 5G network would be perfect for passing such commands in secret.  While the known purpose of the 5G network is for phone and internet communication, it can also be used for secret nefarious purposes such as this.  Any frequency of signals can be transmitted on the 5G network and these signals could be used for anything.  So what this man is saying has real validity.  Remember he made this speech in 1995 without any knowledge of how the world would be in 2020. And in 2020 what do we see happening in parallel with the Convid 19 plandemic?  The 5G world wide network.  That is not a coincidence. There is a hidden connection between the plandemic and the 5G network that many people have implied but have not been able to explain. What this man is saying could be the real explanation for it.  It all connects if you look deeply enough at it.

He also points to the 1994 Rwandan genocide as being a specific example of when this technology was used and how it was used.  Now I knew nothing about this Rwandan genocide so I had to look it up.  I suggest you do the same thing. What follows is a short paragraph that describes the Rwandan genocide:

On April 6, 1994, Hutus began slaughtering the Tutsis in the African country of Rwanda. As the brutal killings continued, the world stood idly by and just watched the slaughter. Lasting 100 days, the Rwandan Genocide left approximately 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu sympathizers dead.

So in summary, the Rwandan genocide was about brutal violent bloody mass killing of an entire  racial segment of population.

If what Dr. Gilbert says is true then those who were doing the killing had been injected with something under the guise of a vaccine previous to that 1994 genocide. If I were to do a search, what are the odds that someone like Bill Gates or the World Health Organization had been giving vaccines in Rwanda previously to this genocide? 

My curiosity is piqued. I must see if that is true because if true it would give some real valid support to what this man is saying.  Additionally, what Dr. Gilbert is warning is that this technology could be used for the very same thing in the future, i.e. to get one part of the population to violently kill another part of the population. Are you getting that?  How would the world population get reduced from ten Billion to 500 million?  This is a way that could happen.

At this point I feel the need to connect what Dr. Pierre Gilbert is discussing here to what a certain woman on the internet was saying for years on the topic of organized gang stalking.  As a truth seeker, I have searched the internet high and low looking for the hidden truth for almost 20 years, and in my search I encountered this woman and her claims about organized gang stalking which I understood but which I never accepted.  Her claims always seem too wild and outrageous to be believed.  Although she seemed to be an honest person who really believed what she was saying, at the time I originally encountered her writings, I could not accept what she was saying. Because what she was saying was so different from the world as I think I know it that for me to accept what she said would be like going into a science fiction type alternate reality.  I read what she said but I never accepted it, but now as I look at what Dr. Gilbert is saying and I think back to what that woman was saying, I can see how they can connect.  Allow me to explain if you do not see the connection.  What Dr. Gilbert is saying is using mass mind control on humanity, with humanity basically being slaves without the ability to think for themselves.  Such humans would simply follow commands given to them, without thought and obey those commands as if those commands were their own will.  They would be incapable of distinguishing between commands given to them by someone else and their own conscious will. They would become basically automatons or human robots under command of someone else. Understand that?  Okay, if what Dr. Gilbert said in 1995 in this speech is being implemented in the world in 2021 then it is certain that this technology has been tested on many people in secret before now and only after it has been fully tested and they know it works as they want is the push being made to do this to all of humanity to control them in secret.  But back to this woman, who was discussing gang stalking and that the people who were doing the stalking were unrelated and held regular jobs. There was no logical reason to explain why they would all suddenly be working together to gang stalk (harass) certain people.  This provides an explanation for that mysterious behavior that this woman documented. Now I am going to go find links to what that woman said about gang stalking because I believe it very much relates to this concept of mass mind control. Fasten your seatbelts because we are about to go deep down a hidden rabbit hole that none of us are supposed to understand.

The following links are to help you connect dots. I hope you connect them well.

Organized Gang Stalking: What You Need to Know

What is Organized Gang Stalking?

Organized Stalking: Information for People for whom this crime is a new issue

I could post more links on organized gang stalking but what I want to open your mind to is the possibility that these incidents of Organized gang stalking are in reality the testing of a secret type of mind control technology to make people do things against their will, and that the same technology that was used in these cases (or a more refined version of it) is what is being injected into people today under the disguise of it being a “Covid 19 vaccine”.  Are you hearing me?

I am getting ahead of myself but I just want to say this while it is on my mind. Just because they have not switched on this system yet for most of humanity yet, because they are waiting for more people to get “the vaccine”, does not mean that that they could not at any time switch it on to control all those who have already taken the vaccine.  I do not want to scare you but its very frightening to imagine what the evil snakes behind this scheme could force the vaccinated, against their will,  to do against the unvaccinated.  Is your imagination able to picture that?  Have you seen The Purge” series of movies?  Have you considered that these movies could become a reality?  That is just one example of what would be possible if these evil snakes got control of a lot of people all at once and could make them do what they wanted.  If that does not frighten you, it should.


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3 Responses to “Dr Pierre Gilbert, on magnetic vaccines. from 1995. Zombification by vaxx. Essential reading, watch the brief video link.”

  1. Mick says:

    I think maybe the elite are a bit ambitious hoping we anti-vaxxers think the world will become full of zombies. To those for whom its effects kick in the vaxx is too destructive to walk about after, and by comparison a zombie is not just mobile but fleet. Agile. Thinking the vaxxed will become zombies when they’ll be totally incapacitated is like making somebody believe we can hobble away after being ploughed through by a train.