Dozens of Covid Test Providers to Be Removed From Website


Following numerous reports of Government-approved travel testing companies failing to hand over thousands of results a week, despite holidaymakers parting with hefty sums for their services, more than 50 companies are due to be removed from the approved providers list on the site. Sky News has the story.

The move comes following a review of pricing and service standards from those offering day two and day eight tests for people arriving in the U.K. from overseas.

The review was announced earlier this month due to concerns that many of the companies – which are on a Government list of Covid testing services – lacked full accreditation and were charging too much.

Some 57 companies will be removed from the list as they no longer exist or they do not provide the relevant testing services.

82 companies – around 18% of those listed as offering day two and day eight tests – were found to be displaying lower prices on than they do on their own websites.

Those companies will be given a final warning this week and face removal from the list if they advertise misleading prices again.

There will also be regular spot checks to make sure prices are accurate, providers are legitimate, and that the company name has not simply been changed to get back on the list. …

In future, companies will be removed from the Government’s list if they do not correct problems within three days of their first warning. …

Analysis of the list by the Liberal Democrats at that time showed just 11% of the providers offered tests for under £50 but 24% of the providers were charging more than £200.

One GP clinic was listed as offering the tests for £575 on, although its own website said prices started at £399.

Worth reading in full.