Dear Globalists, we can see you!

by Fabian Ubiquitus

From what I can tell, some globalist-run governments are terrified of their people. And like a cornered cat they hiss and spit and try to make themselves look big.
Hence the authoritarian intimidation and bully-boy tactics for which they use cops kitted out like Imperial Storm Troopers, ominous threats and so forth..
Honest governments with few skeletons hidden in their closet do not live in terror of their own citizenry.
Governments who live in such terror of their citizenry they conceive the citizenry must be relentlessly deceived, herded like cattle or stomped on like bugs have CRIMES.
They are never minor crimes but huge crimes steeped in the blood of the innocent, crimes for which they know, if they ever came to light, they would be strung up by an enraged People.
And currently we are only seeing a fraction of what is there to be uncovered.
If you are looking for a motivation behind the current efforts to browbeat, hoodwink, micro-control, restrict, terrorise, cow, sicken or even cull the People, there is this: we are witnessing a group of people – a cultish criminal syndicate – seeking to neutralise the rest of us before we find out the fullness of what they have done.
In pursuit of this they have seeded governments with their henchmen, stooges, collaborators, blackmailees and other degenerates without honour or allegiance to humanity.
Our task is to keep pulling the strings and haul their sordid, degraded, psychotic shenanigans into the open where we can all see them.
In other words, keeping finding their crimes and exposing them. Relentlessly.
And, importantly, while so doing we should not neglect to forward sound policies and principles by which an honest government worthy of our trust should conduct itself.
It is already working. Their crimes are bit by bit coming into view by more and more and more people and nothing they do, no matter how desperately vicious, can stop it.
Indeed their very efforts to stop this inevitable emergence of the truth brings more and more of the perpetrators, collaborators into view.
We see them.
Make a note of their names in anticipation of a time when their progrom unravels and collapses and the occasion for justice and the answering for crimes arrives.
It is coming.
Of course they will spit and scream. intimidate and lash out in an effort to make us back off, to make us let go of the closet door where the skeletons are hidden now that we’ve opened it a crack.
The correct thing for us to do right now is to pour coals on what we have been doing, tom rise above their counter-efforts and raise our own to a new level.
Our task is not merely to bring down a criminal cult that has waged war oh humanity overtly or covertly for quite some time.
It is to bring about a civilisation desirable for all people of good will- who comprise the entire human race except a tiny psychotic few.
To bring that about it is necessary to sweep aside the psychotic few who stand in the way of the dreams of Man.