Conspiracy requires ability

Che Guevara wrote – Almost all the popular movements undertaken against dictators in recent times have suffered from the same fundamental fault of inadequate preparation.  The rules of conspiracy, which demand extreme secrecy and caution, have not generally been observed.  The governmental power of the country frequently knows in advance about the intentions of the group or groups, either through its secret service, or from imprudent revelations or in some cases from outright declarations…Absolute secrecy, a total absence of information in the enemy’s hands, should be the primary base of the movement.

It should only take a moment’s thought to understand that such advice, which Guevara intended for those embarking on armed struggle, is every bit as valuable for many of those intent on waging wholly peaceful cultural or political war…..

That is not to ignore the very real problems which opponents of the Great Reset already suffer at the hands of increasingly repressive states, and the corporations to which they increasingly outsource their anti-dissident dirty work.  The best answer to such repression, however, is not banner-waving confrontation, but ducking and diving to avoid the blows.  To mix metaphors, the best way to avoid the flak is to stay under the radar.

EXTRACT from Deus Vult.  The Great Reset Resistance.  pp122-123.  Sold by the English Democrats for £25 a copy.


7 Responses to “Conspiracy requires ability”

  1. Gordon says:

    Videos From Inside Afghanistan Warning Not for Kids

    • ian says:

      Hi Gordon, I used to work next to a taxi firm owned by Pakistani’s, or Indians, not sure which. they were always shouting Naji for people to come eg, Naji Garry. I heard the distinct Naji in the first part of the video which to me, cast doubts on its location. The second part however is pretty brutal and real. Rough boys the Taliban. At least our boys would have done it in secret and blamed someone else.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Absolute secrecy, a total absence of information in the enemy’s hands, should be the primary base of the movement.

    Coincidentally, similar concerns were being voiced today by James Corbett relating to the Aussie truck drivers and the blockade of all major Australian highways, they’re very loudly and publicly (foolishly?) planning for Aug 31, in his latest ‘New World Next Week’ video, which I’d just finished watching, before coming here and reading the above article…

    • ian says:

      Great point Alan, I also suspect that the government will be only too happy to let the areas involved starve themselves to death. Turn the power and electricity off, job’s a good un.

  3. emm jay says:

    It feels appropriate to post this article here. The family of a 31 year old UK Risk Analyst killed in the 9/11 terror attack are presenting evidence to demand a new inquest.