1. Tapestry says:

    It’s all about the vaccine passport. Vaccines or you’re limited to small shops and are barred from society. This is psychological warfare to force you to accept defeat for the rest of your life. A life which will be considerably shorter as a result. There will be business opportunities for the UV people needing services and supplies outside of supermarkets and so on. The elites will maintain exemptions for themselves of course.

    • Mick says:

      I thought the same. If we get both a vaxx passport and digital currency that’ll create a black market for people banned from shopping but who’ll still need the goods. Not only will organised crime fill this vacuum but plenty of people on the make will exploit it too. Most gear won’t need to be stolen as many people with a vaxx passport will supply the goods for profit. This supply-side will create huge problems for the elite-controlled markets, and when they achieve totalitarianism I think it likely they’ll bring in life sentences and reintroduce the death penalty for the “major racketeers”.

      Another thing is without cash people will create their own mediums of exchange. Not only gold and silver coin (specie) but jewellery cut into lengths, links, trinkets etc, and anything people accept has a value and will accept in exchange for goods, services or labour. They will all have a place in the new economy. This will probably include foreign currencies like the gold-backed yuan and rouble, similar to how the dollar is accepted as money in many places across the world.

      • Tapestry says:

        My friend in Beijing says all money is already transferred through your phone, with no paper. I agree jewellery and PMs will come into their own. I should declare an interest in this BTW. Autobiography available through blog email.