The plane was a DECOY PLANE, not a real one.

No one fell off a plane, those videos were faked. HERE IS PROOF.

HERE IS THE VIDEO OF THIS(look at the plane windows, it is a blow up vinyl toy!! The engines are empty too.

The turbine noise is way too quiet and is probably from the inflator. That is probably why people could “talk right over the turbines” in other videos of this.


Here is a capture, but the video shows it a lot more clearly. I was baffled by the video that showed them riding on the outside because the engines were not producing back winds and everyone could talk right over them which would be impossible. As it turns out, IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE and it never happened with a real plane.


I was not concerned about Afghanistan because it all seemed surreal. AND it was surreal, every last headline is probably faked, and everything from this point forward is probably fake, they’ll “commit an atrocity” to make it possible for (whoever) to blow them away and take 1 trillion in rare earth mineral reserves once and for all.



Why were the Afghans smiling and waving at the cameras if they were so desperate to get out of there? ANSWER: They were actors, excited to be getting paid to “be in a movie”. That’s the only plausible answer.




  1. archer says:

    A blow up toy? Really? No wonder the general public call us crackpots…

    • ian says:

      Jim Stone shoots himself in the foot again. I agree archer. I am sure he’s correct about the event being staged, but as you say, A blow up toy??

      • ROTH says:

        How about a military decoy, which would by necessity be pretty realistic? They’ve been around for many decades.

        For what it’s worth I posted the pic in another forum (greatawakening.win) and it seemed pretty much 50/50 between commenters having the same reactions as yourselves or being willing to consider it.

        I’ll post a further comment on the same subject that came from a different source below.

  2. ROTH says:

    Not my words:

    (From Benjamin Boronat) Take it from a former mechanic, those Pratt and Whitneys even in Standby Mode on cycling can suck the hair off a gnat’s ass at 20 feet. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell you are going to be anywhere near those things while taxiing without going in as shredded beef and coming out barbequed pork on the other end. The heat coming off those things in exhaust can instantly liquefy aluminum. Crank those puppies up to operating speed and you are at forge-like temperatures and the blowtorch from hell. Instant Death ☠️💀 100 yards behind at full thrust.

    That’s why the Military in all it’s wisdom puts in Big BOLD Letters “DANGER” all over the aircraft. You would have to be an absolute moron to be within 50 feet from that craft from the side, and you’re definitely not going to be around those wings or their path. You ever stop to think why they wait to taxi this particular aircraft until all living life forms known to man and creation are clear front and back? The exhaust once the pilot lays on those throttles will land you a couple of football fields away if you aren’t fully cremated already.

    Works only in Hollywood folks. If that had been real life the air induction and sound alone would have cleared everything away from that plane just to taxi it. Notice that not a single person had on ear protection or were covering their ears. Even if you are totally deaf it would be painful to be that close to a running Pratt and Whitney without ear protection. Yeah, they are that loud. Don’t take my word for it. Hang out by an airport runway and just watch and listen to a couple of jumbo jets take off. Then add in that the sound from a Pratt and Whitney is double that. Bet you will rethink your position real quick. You won’t even have to be that close.

    Just to put the final insult to injury on this charade — the insignia is missing below the words AIR FORCE. And where the hell is the Front Man door? It should be lower and slightly forward of the missing insignia. It’s like a Blow Up Doll that’s half dressed…

    (From Richard Scurto) (from the comments) I’m an aviation mechanic, I also work for the company who makes the engines for the C17………This post is the truth!

    And No pilot (I don’t care what country) would ever start their engines in that environment

  3. archer says:

    Yes we get the picture about air intake and thrust from these engines, Roth. But it sounds like thou doth protest too much…

    I’m still not having it as a blow-up toy.

    Staged, almost certainly – but a toy? Come on.

    • ROTH says:

      Protest too much archer, what could you be insinuating?

      I’ve been here a long long time, I’m no 77th brigadier. Just a lurker in the main.

      • archer says:

        No offence intended, nor any insinuations; only that I respectfully disagree.

        I also think that the blow up toy suggestion is distracting us from the main issue: like what is the purpose, or end goal of this orchestrated chaos?

  4. ian says:

    The term blow up toy that JS uses seems to me to be the problem. Yes it is very likely a dummy of sorts, and I’m not getting into what type, but it being a blow up toy seems very unlikely to me too. What weight would a stripped out plane with no engines be for example, perhaps pulled or pushed by a vehicle of sorts. I don’t know and I’ll admit that but the term blow up toy is a bad choice of words.