Bot Farms and the Manufacture of Fake Public Opinion


by The Masked Writer

Here’s a neat propaganda trick it may well help you to be aware of and you can then amuse yourself by watching it in action.

One of the propaganda tricks currently being used is the mind game of convincing you that “almost everybody disagrees with you” and that you are very much a “loner” with your minority views. It plays upon the human need for affinity and approval from others and to be accepted by the society around us – and the commensurate fear of being not liked or rejected. If the impression that “almost everybody” disagrees with you can be created it can sow doubts and uncertainties as to one’s own point of view.

It is achieved by inflating the apparent numbers of voices that disagree with you. If ten people disagree with you, the trick is to make that ten look and sound like a hundred.

The other day I came across an online “news” article from the corporate media doing the usual disingenuous hatchet job on one of the medical professionals risking their careers to try to warn people about the dangers of the dodgy booby trapped vacksadiddlydoos.

I scrolled down the comments and discovered what appeared to be a howling hate mob slagging off the aforementioned health professional, demanding she be strung up and so on and so forth.

It seemed like a lot of hate directed at someone whose only crime was to question the government’s narrative.

It seemed odd that so many people had such apparently strong feelings and apparently unshakeable confidence in the honesty of the government and corporate media –  mainly because in life one does not much encounter that level of died-in-the-wool, frothing at the mouth devotion to vacksadoodles. I mix with a lot of people (clients and so forth) and guess that I come across such extreme views in one out of every hundred people or thereabouts.

Scanning those comments I also noticed the shallowness of virtually all the comments – there were no reasoned arguments and mainly sneers, diatribes or repetitions of various MSM sound bites. It was pretty shallow and I was left a little disappointed by that apparent shallowness of thought and the apparent level of enthusiasm for getting everybody jibjabed in accordance with government wishes.

You encounter such things and it can knock your confidence – not to mention your faith in humanity.

But then I came across data on how the government propaganda machine uses bot farms to seed the internet and social media with  apparent “public opinion” backing for its narrative.

This is something one can do if one has the financial and technical resources and no ethics.

Have you ever gotten into a “debate” on, say, Faecemaskbook and had the impression that there is no real intelligence that the other end of the line, merely a machine mouthing the same slightly distempered invective?

Here is a quote to illustrate the point (SOURCE ARTICLE):

“And, as for viral social media posts by doctors and nurses claiming hospitals are overflowing with unvaccinated COVID patients, don’t believe them. Most are bots. We’ve repeatedly seen evidence that fearmongering is being spread not by real people but by fake accounts run by artificial intelligence. This includes blue check accounts.”

Here’s a sampling of recent bot farm tweets trying to scare everyone. And for more understanding of this particular psychological warfare operation check out this link 

I recommend spreading this info far and wide so as to help your fellow citizens understand how suppressive factions are trying to play them like cattle.

Fear tweets

Fear tweets

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Bot Farms and the Manufacture of Fake Public Opinion