5 Responses to “AUSTRALIA- warrants are being issued for the arrest of ‘dangerous’ people who have tested positive for COVID!”

  1. ian says:

    Protests will only work, if the government cares. If they don’t care, and it’s pretty clear that they don’t, then they’ll out match you on violence every time. You’ll only charge them down once. Next time it’s rubber bullets, gas and dogs, and if that doesn’t do it, they have guns and the army in reserve. Mass non compliance is a good option, but they control TV, which kind of rules that out. I perhaps sound defeatist, but I feel that it’s realist. The time will come soon when we’ll all have choices to make.
    At times like these it gives much opportunity to reflect. Remember the First world war where in the Somme a million casualties occurred from both sides, thats 1 million dead or injured young men in their prime, teenagers amongst them, terrified. Most would never have been outside their home area before, as cars were rare. Yet they want you out clapping your dustbin lids because nurses are doing the job that they chose. Police will just need to be excused the vaccine and they’ll happily split your head open. I’m sure many on here have had the opportunity to see how absolutely useless the police are if you report a burglary for example, but hurt a LGBTxyz persons feelings and you’ve had it. Speeding’s another. You can drive like an asshole all the time, without a problem, and some do, the police rarely bother them, but they like speeding, as there’s money in it for little effort. I could go on and on, but I’d end up waffling about why we wash up dishes and wash down walls, and how you can turn lights out but not in.

    • Aldous says:

      “…how you can turn lights out but not in.”
      Hi Ian. I’m getting weird looks from my misses this last half hour when I ask her to turn the light ‘in’ please. LOL
      You may well have started something here.

    • Aldous says:

      She just told me to get ‘in’ my bike and go fin(sic) myself when I asked her to turn the light out and then in again!
      I think in – I mean it – might go viral.

  2. Aldous says:

    As This Psyop Of Epic Proportions Upon Americans And The World Hits Its Next Stage, Be Prepared For What’s To Come As The ‘Conspirators’ Tighten The Screws