5 Responses to “While this guy is no bundle of laughs, I believe that he may be nearer the Mark than most.”

  1. Dragonwolf says:

    Happy thoughts……

  2. Tapestry says:

    He may be right. The final result is unknown. Dr Mercola has suggestions as to how to survive even though vaccinated. It will be very hard spiritually to deal with whichever way this goes. With that I agree.

    • Tapnewsreader says:

      Why their timing, for 2020, this whole Plandemic, very well planned Plandemic. Why 2020 to kick it off? Why not 2018, or 2021, or 2022, or 2023? Why March 2020? What’s driving this? What underlies underpins their motivations? Perhaps this?
      ‘ If you remove strip out the blatant propaganda BBC lies of human activity/carbon CO2 , which is an anti life basic lie done by evil controlling so called elites. And substitute it with the Sun getting whiter and hotter, and earths magnetic field weakening, and Galactic conditions. Then this BBC article is saying truths. What this means for England, Scotland, and agriculture and living conditions, I’m not sure. I can see the Albedo effect where +ve and -ve feedback loops in the System stop bcoz less arctic ice to reflect the Sun, a runaway effect will happen. Now I understand why they’re chemtrailing us. They’re evil but I’m seeing sensing a method to their madness insanities. I don’t think they want to destroy extinguish society. There’s too much new infrastructure being built, Planning, anticipation. They want civilisation to survive but to release the suppressed technologies that will help us buffer and survive, will obviously come with some major tyrannical strings attached.
      Then and now: Arctic sea-ice feeling the heat https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-57650226.amp

    • ian says:

      Indeed Tap. It is difficult spiritually in the current climate, and will surely get worse.

  3. Ander1991 says:

    I do find some schadenfreude [sp?] in this friar’s manner.
    Also the fly in his ointment is: plausible deniability will not exist in this scenario. Slower depletion by sterilisation and repeat vaxx to generate money for Gates & Co.* is equally plausible. *[a la Richplanet Epi.282 first screened 2020-04-18]

    Then again we have



    and those aren’t the only ones iirc.

    If he is true: then it evokes another Germanism, the reputed joke of WW2: “Enjoy the war, for the peace will be terrible”.

    Survivors may come to regret their “good fortune”.