True Story they don’t want you to see

22 Days Inside a New Zealand Quarantine Facility

This is “True Story – 22 Days Inside a New Zealand Quarantine Facility” by Samantha Bailey on Vimeo.

This woman tells a story that tells what happens when you refuse ( politely) to submit to tyranny.

It’s happening in NZ but it’s on its way here.

via English Democrats daily update


2 Responses to “True Story they don’t want you to see”

  1. ian says:

    Operation lockstep training. Getting western people used to top down authority without having the right to question it. All in the Rockefeller lockstep documents. Don’t ask questions or it won’t go well for you. Sort of like being at work when you’re not.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Interesting how the military and the medical are operating as one unit, both equally aware as to how to apply mental torture techniques, and caring nothing for their hapless victims. Nurses are no more. Their job is to kill with medicines as surely as it is for a squaddie with his rifle. Nurse uses a needle to achieve the same effect much more sweetly. The aim is just the same – to kill the victim. On the battlefield most of the time the victim was unknown and remote. Opposing soldiers often became spiritual friends if they survived and met up afterwards. Now the uniforms want to psychologically destroy their victims face to face, and then kill them if they can, luxuriating in their suffering. Everyone should watch this interview and learn from it what is truly going on.