This is an Emergency – The UK is firmly in the grip of Tyranny

Rational thought seems to be a lost and forgotten trait in this country if the 19th July 2021 is anything to go by. It was billed as “Freedom Day”; even though a passport which is supposed to grant the bearer freedom to pass without let or hindrance, is still not worth the paper it’s printed on, thanks to the tyrannical rules set by the Government to both leave and enter the United Kingdom.

But nevertheless, 19th July was supposed to be the day social distancing was scrapped, nightclubs opened again, and face masks were no longer required to be worn in indoor public spaces by law.

However, it seems the only thing that really changed on “freedom day” is that nightclubs opened their doors again, and even then Boris Johnson put a dampener on the “freedom” part of that by announcing vaccine passports will be a legal requirement to enter nightclubs by the Autumn.

I fully expected to be surrounded by people on the 19th who had binned the face masks despite wearing them just hours earlier on the Sunday. In my head I was looking forward to berating them for it. You should wear a face covering because you believe it works. Not because the government tells you to.

It was extremely disappointing to find that despite the change in the law everywhere I turned another facemask clad cultist darkened my door hole. People were wearing them in cars, despite being on their own. Cyclists were adorning them proudly despite not wearing a helmet. Children were wearing them obediently walking down the street, despite there never being a legal requirement for them to ever do so – I blame the parents.

Back in July when the Government announced the wearing of face masks was to become law barely anybody was wearing them prior to the announcement. It was almost alien to see anyone that did. There was barely anyone wearing them in the week after the announcement either. It wasn’t until the day it became law that things changed.

I remember realising how gutless a majority within this country really are back then. A face mask should be worn because you believe it will protect you or others, not because the Government says you must do it. To wear it for the latter means you have relinquished control to the government when they are meant to be there to serve you.

Of course, I suspect there were other reasons people wore them, such as the fear of “what the neighbours would think or say” if they were caught not wearing one in the local shop. Many people have a fear of not fitting in, and this Government and its advisors have used that to their advantage from day one, manipulating the public to police their draconian policies for them.

That is why freedom day was not just disappointing but also so surprising. There was no longer just a gutless majority in this country, there was now one clearly gripped by fear. Fear that they will catch or spread an alleged virus if they do not wear a face covering, that has killed just 0.2% of those it has allegedly infected, with the vast majority being over the age of 85 and having underlying conditions.

I could probably show them every scientific study showing the harms of wearing a face mask, how they don’t work, and how they’re more likely to become infected with “something” if they do wear one, and they would still carry on wearing a mask that’s been in and out of their pocket for the past week.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they are still just gutless, and scared of what the neighbours will think or say if they choose not to wear a face covering, at a time when false positive test results for the alleged Covid-19 virus are going through the roof.

The underlying reason doesn’t really matter, what matters is what it symbolises. It symbolises victory for this tinpot authoritarian Government and it’s “scientific” advisors. In sixteen months they have managed to turn the United Kingdom from the most freedom loving nation on earth into a country that is well on its way to becoming the new China, and they’ve managed to do it thanks to the compliance of the gutless majority.

You would never have dreamt in 2019 that from March 2020 and well into 2021 it would be illegal at certain times to hug a loved one, or stand up in a pub, or even just leave your home for a “non-essential” reason. But it has been.

The authorities cannot believe what they have been able to get away with and they are going to push us all even further, starting with the announcement of a vaccine passport, which we told you would happen, the government said would never happen, then the government said it might happen, the government then said it wouldn’t happen, now they’re saying it will happen.

On the one hand they could be bluffing and this could purely be a coercion tactic to force the hand of those who have not yet had the vaccine. A tactic that is illegal, I may add. They did it with holidays which worked so well for them. To those that fell for it, how is that going for you?

On the other hand, it could be both a coercion tactic and most definitely coming to fruition, in which case do we really need any more evidence that the current government has lost the plot, and the United Kingdom is firmly in the grip of tyranny?

Many people will now queue up for this experimental vaccine in their droves, not because it will protect them or others from Covid-19, but because they fear losing their right to live as a free human being.

We were told that once the vulnerable were vaccinated freedom would be restored, so you have to ask why this Government and the Scientific advisors are desperate to vaccinate every man and woman in the world?

It certainly isn’t to prevent the spread of Covid-19 because that’s not what these experimental vaccines are proven to do. They are allegedly proven to reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death, not prevent you getting it or spreading it.

Just ask Patrick Vallance who confirmed that 60% of people in hospital who allegedly have Covid-19 have been fully vaccinated.

Something much more sinister is afoot here, and I have my suspicions of what they may be. Can I confirm them as fact? No, I can’t. But there is certainly a draft of evidence to support those theories, and a draft of emerging evidence from the effects on people in the real world as well.

But I can be almost certain that if you do not want to take this experimental vaccine, and then choose to do so because this Government has coerced you into believing they will remove your rights and freedoms if you don’t, then you will live to regret it for the rest of your life, however long that may then be.

Things are really going to heat up over the next few months, they are going to be long, difficult, and infuriating, and it looks like the authorities are just getting started. But you can’t fall for the trap, you need to hold the line. If you don’t I can guarantee they’re going to come for your children next.

9 Responses to “This is an Emergency – The UK is firmly in the grip of Tyranny”

  1. Aldous says:

    Have you seen this latest piece of shite from the BBC scumbags?
    “I wish I could go to each and every person who refuses to have the vaccine and tell them, ‘Look, this is a matter of life of death – do you want to live or die?’
    Abderrahmane Fadil
    Unvaccinated Covid patient”

    God help us.

  2. Aldous says:

    Got this in from a UK friend:
    I’m despairing of perfectly healthy youngsters who tell me they are waiting for their second jab before not wearing a mask after 19th July.

    What is wrong with these people/sheeple?

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Indeed unbelievable…
      Is he still your friend?
      He’d be the kind of friend I’d rather not have.
      Moronic, muzzled sheep. So infuriating.
      No time for ’em at all.

    • Gordon says:

      They Want To Censor Your Private Messages

    • Aldous says:

      It’s a crying shame that Boris Johnstein was ever spawned. The same can be said of Stalin and other Communist flotsam.
      These are really evil people who have no place in a civilised world. They wish nothing but harm and death to the masses who just want to live their lives as God and Nature intended.

  3. ian says:

    My youngest son 32 years old, has the classic Covid symptoms after returning from a weekend in London, and is quite ill. Really nasty flu type symptoms plus loss of smell and taste. His wife and my other son were there too and they’re fine. It seems really odd to me that they get these things in summer.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Ian. Well Mother Nature’s Immune System should easily take care of it without much of a problem.
      One’s Immune System needs such (relatively minor) challenges otherwise it tends to get kind of lazy and let its guard down.
      The Immune System lives within us which is why the usual suspects are trying to destroy it from Birth with jabs.

      • ian says:

        Yes indeed Aldous, I completely agree. Like me, my son is prone to getting stressed. From my own experience, that really destroys your immunity. He is however, young and fit.