The true story of what happened on EASTER ISLAND…


I bet you think you know all about EASTER ISLAND – after all – mainstream media and YouTube are stuffed full of video clips about Easter Island – BUT NOT ONE OF THESE TV SHOWS HAS EVER TOLD YOU THE TRUTH…

DID YOU KNOW that a cartel led by the British BALFOUR COMPANY sold Easter Island, and a lease was purchased by the son of a Jewish slave trader?

The ‘Maison Brander’ was a merchant corporation owned by a Jewish man called ALEXANDER SALMON.

His cartel had interests in Coconut plantations, slavery and sheep ranching.

It was these industrial activities on Easter Island that caused widespread deforestation, leaving the island bare without a forest. This deforestation has been blamed on the islanders themselves – not just on Rapa Nui – but also islanders across Polynesia are blamed for destroying plant habitats and also vandalising their own statues… None of this is true – its all based on the racist rantings of German, Dutch, French and British explorers and slave traders who ransacked their way across planet earth in an orgy of Cultural and Biological Genocide.

Supposedly all the trees on Rapa Nui were destroyed by the local people – which is highly unlikely as there were only 120 or so islanders on Easter Island when it was sold to Alex Salmon…

It was the grazing of sheep which caused habitat loss for the trees – and many sheep pens were made by smashing the sacred AHU PLATFORM ALTARS which the Moai statues stand on.

The islanders became slaves, owned by Alexander Salmon and his business partner who was a convicted murderer.

Alex Salmon bought every inch of the island and was a slave driver on not only Rapa Nui, but also owned a coconut slave plantation on Taihiti.

The loss of every single tree species on Easter Island is mostly caused by SHEEP RANCHING which was introduced by the British, who profited greatly from growing coconut oil.

He used his profits from slavery on Easter Island to start plantations in Fiji and Tahiti – he even crowned himself as a king, and his son a kind of Prince.

The islanders were prisoners on their own land – but that was just the start of their troubles…. And that is just the start of this new film on the ENIGMA CHANNEL.