THE DREADED DELTA VARIANT: Another Covid Black Op & Global Psyop of Epic Proportions






Submitted by Covid Crime Investigation Team

It’s all BULLSHIT!

There was never a scientifically sound test that could verify the existence of SARS-CoV-2; nor is there such an accurate testing procedure that can isolate the now “Dreaded Delta Variant”.

PCR Test Inventor Kary Mullis Exposes Raw Truth About the
Flawed COVID-19 Test—Is this why he was assassinated
just before the CORONAhoax was staged?!

That utterly fake Delta Covid variant, by the way, is — at this moment — being used to lock down the whole world yet again.

That’s right, the entire planetary civilization is about to undergo another major lockdown with mask mandates and social distancing and all wherever the Covid criminals think they can get away with this worldwide fraud.

To even attempt pulling off such a transparent hoax means that the perpetrators at the very top of the Covid crime scheme are desperate to keep all of humanity in maximum fear and totally locked down, especially where it concerns international travel.

To roll out the fake Delta variant when herd immunity is close to being attained by the day is clearly a sure sign of their sheer desperation and unparalleled recklessness.

Therefore, the main question for every thinking human being is: Just how far will the New World Order globalist cabal take OPERATION COVID-19?

The short answer is that their immediate goal is to successfully implement their long-planned Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

That means every person on the planet will be vaccinated with as many doses of the various Covid vaccines until each individual is essentially owned and operated by Covid controllers at the top of the NWO pyramid.

Perhaps this is why so much of the actual content of the Covid vaccines has been scientifically proven to be graphene.

To learn more about why graphene is the main ingredient, and who in the US government is behind such a dangerous scandal, please consult the following exposé. Who is Big Pharma’s secret mover and shaker behind the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda?


Ultimately, there is one conclusion of paramount importance which must be grasped by every God-fearing person on Earth.  As follows:

Here’s the main reason why the NWO globalist cabal
is dead set on mandating a universal COVID-19
vaccination program. 

State of the Nation
July 1, 2021

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