Spine chilling: the crime story so far . . .


by Jon Davy

Just to reiterate a few basics that appear to get drowned out by the noise of false stats, deceit, misrepresentations and half truths issuing from the government- pharmaceutical cabal’s foghorn known as the ‘corporate media”.

  1. The PCR test has been known from the outset to be a fraudulent methods of identifying “cases”. This is as well known to the government as it is to everybody else. Yet this has not stopped the government continuing to use it. Its “value” is and has always been that it has enabled the government to generate falsely inflated “infections”, “cases”, “hospitalisation” and ” fatality” stats.
  2. The government can and does  manipulate these stats to show whatever it wants them to show.
  3. These false stats have been at the heart of progandising a fake pandemic in order to terrorise the citizenry into submitting to harmful biochemical agents  touted as “safe” and “vaccines”, with the intent to deceive.
  4. The lurgy is primarily life-threatening to the elderly.
  5. It is of near zero threat to the young.
  6. The government knows this as well as the rest of us yet continues to talk up the lurgy as if it is a serious threat to everybody.
  7. Natural immunity to the lurgy occurs in anyone who has had it – and this includes mild or asymptomatic cases.
  8. Such immunity is the most robust there is and that immunity extends to immunity from the so-called variants.
  9. If we believe the gov’s stats, then nearly five million people have had the lurgy and as a result now have natural immunity. Add to these all the people who have been infected (mildly, asymptomatically etc etc) without it being reported and added to the stats. For instance, many people had the lurgy in 2019 before the gov put a name to it and promoted it as a source of terror. It is conceivable therefore than many millions of people are immune.
  10. In all likelihood, given the speed of spread, this virus had been doing the rounds and herd immunity had been established before it was even given a name or publicity.
  11. That millions are immune will not necessarily prevent the PCR test returning bucket loads of positives as the PCR test will, especially if a high cycle threshold is used, detect viral remnants from past infections.
  12. So in comes the fraudulently mis-used PCR test, set at cycle thresholds high enough to register the most minute viral remnants from prior infections. It “detects” these remnants and those false positives are incorrectly and in contravention of medical science declared to be “cases”. Hence we have a ready made “pandemic”, the deceit further assisted by the fact that the lurgy’s symptoms are easily confused with those of common colds, various flu’s, chest infections, hayfever, allergies etc etc.
  13. The appearance of numerous variants is normal during a pandemic. Variants differ genetically from the “original” only minutely and it is the minuteness of the variance that enables the immune system to recognise and deal with them.
  14. It is a normal progression towards the end of a pandemic for variants to be more infectious but much less severe or deadly.
  15. The hyping up and propagandising of variants by the government, media, dishonest TV doctors et all, has been done so as to terrify young people into being injected with experimental biochemical agents.
  16. Evidently few people who have submitted to injection with these agents have been clearly (if at all) informed that they are experimental and to date not properly tested and trialed or that they are associated with a very high number of serious health issues and fatalities. This failure or neglect or deceit negates the right of the citizen to give FULLLY INFORMED consent to any medical intervention. It is a deceit that constitutes of itself a crime against that citizen and lays the person who administered the substance without fully informing the recipient to criminal and civil charges.
  17. We now know these experimental agents have spawned more illness and fatality than any vax in history. The government nevertheless continues to push hard to inject them into all citizens – even children –  so as to (they say) protect them from a lurgy that is no real threat to them. This is a crime of magnitude for which those responsible must stand trial.
  18. In its bizarre desperation to get everyone “vaccinated” to “protect them” from a lurgy that is no real threat, the government NEVER MENTIONS THE MILLIONS OF PEOPE WHO ARE IMMUNE.
  20. Moreover, for people who are not in any real danger from this lurgy (which is the vast majority and well nigh everybody under 60) the now evident serious adverse reactions and deaths within a short time of receiving the jab (which strongly suggests the as yet unknown long term health effects are going to be horrendous and numerous) the risks of the co-called vaccines are greater than the risks of catching the lurgy.
  21. This is even more the case now that it is known that from the outset the government has suppressed known safe and workable remedies for what is in fact a very treatable illness. We know now that had these remedies not been withheld from those who needed them, very few people would have died.
  22. We should also mentions the deaths in nursing homes occasioned by the early release of infected hospital patients back into them, the use of DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders and the possible euthenasia occasioned by the misuse of  Midazolam/Morphine under disgraced Health Secretary Matt Hancock. All of these should be the subject of searching criminal investigation.
  23. CONCLUSION: this whole episode comprises one crime after another by the government and its pharmaceutical pals against the citizens of the nation. We are looking at horrendous humanitarian crimes, the true scale and impact of which will only be known as the months and years unfold.
  24. We are looking at the murder or manslaughter or grievous bodily harm through malfeasance, malice aforethought, negligence and organised criminality of already considerable but as yet not fully known numbers of citizens INCLUDING CHILDREN.

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  1. ian says:

    Repeated use of the word government. This is from above government level. The Government are puppets.