5 Responses to “Soldier speaks out. They’re coming for your kids. Strong language”

    • danceaway says:


      What do you all think of this? Ignore the reference to Israeli news, this is Deborah Tavares of stop the crime.net reading a leaked document, which seems like a part 2 to what we had here on the Tap a couple of weeks ago. The topic is the plan for the UK, and sinister is not a strong enough word for the contents.

      I first heard this last evening, and would love to here some thoughts from all of you. I respect Deborah; she has been in this bun fight for ages, particularly defending northern California, and is very document oriented. She had us glued to our seats for two hours at AV10. So when she chooses to expose a document, I do not treat it lightly, as I know she does not.

      • ian says:

        Hi danceaway, I watched the video since you put it out there. I had already dismissed it as she witters on at the start like an advert for curing baldness. All of it seems feasible, though I would certainly hope for a massive backlash if they start seizing kids and property. Mind control? possibly via TV . I’ll post it.

  1. joseph2021 says:

    I wish people would just post the document rather than forcing us to watch a video. Not everyone is so dumbed down that info can only be assimilated in audio visual format.

    Is this the document she was reading?

    Last year, I saw comments that the US and the UK governments have put in legislation that allows them to declare specified areas ro be disaster zones due to COVID. When that happens, the government assumes emergency powers to block access to such zones. To stop the spread of the contagion, they will raze the place to the ground. I have not verified this but it sounds very plausible. In the USA, I think they were talking about using nukes for such demolitions. Again this is mere hearsay but it’s plausible.

    Last year, I told my dentist to keep an eye out for news of Russian troops overseas. If she sees anything about them withdrawing back to the motherland en masse, then that’s the heads up. I suppose RT and Sputnik News are the go to sites for such news. Mind you, by that time, all the countries in the West will be under draconian martial law….. unless people take this very brief window of opportunty to hang these quislings from the nearest lamp posts.

    • danceaway says:

      Yes, this look like it, Joseph. I did not see the link, however, so could not provide it. Deborah read it but did not show it on screen. It was only audio. thank you for providing the text for us to read.