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SHOCK! Protective Detail of France President ALL Resign over COVID Restrictions; will no longer protect President Macron

The Republican Guard, a security detail established to protect the President of France, have ALL resigned, and will no longer protect President Macron!

The mass resignation comes on the heels of his Presidential Decree requiring French citizens to have and use a “Sanitary Passport” (i.e. Vaccine Certificate) or be denied access to stores, bars, even DENIED VOTING!

Citizens are taking to the streets in almost every major city, literally battling with police over enforcement of these new Presidential Decrees. Mass-Media is mostly IGNORING the civil uprising, reporting almost nothing as the country erupts in protest.

The fighting is getting bloody, fast:



The French Government has had to scramble to provide some other type of protective service for the vicious Dictator, who is stealing French liberty.

Members of the Guard who resigned have been asked why they quit and the near universal reply: “Macron isn’t worth dying for”.

One can only hope the French people are successful at ridding themselves of this despicable tyrant in whatever manner they see fit.





4 Responses to “SHOCK! Protective Detail of France President ALL Resign over COVID Restrictions; will no longer protect President Macron”

  1. nixon scraypes says:

    If only Bozo Johnson’s protection squad would do the same, then the pig would start squealing and run for his sty.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi nixon scraypes.
      I very much doubt the grotesque, fat porker BioZio Bronstein, playing with his extreme repulsive self and others on his Animalistic Farm would have much to do with pigs (four legs good, two bad) who are really nice, caring and intelligent animals, who unfortunately happen to taste quite nice with apple sauce when one is in the mood.
      Dickhead Cameron could tell us something about it though:

      How much longer are we expected to tolerate these out and out genocidal maniacs? The French seem to be showing us the way.