NWO Globalists Using a British Hate Group
and Criminal Censorship Platform to
Demonize All Truth-Tellers on the Internet

Center For Countering Digital Hate
Is Especially Targeting The Leaders
And Most Effective Platforms Within
The Covid Vaccine Truth Movement

State of the Nation

As usual, the Center For Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) acts in a manner that is the complete opposite of how it presents itself publicly.  In reality, the CCDH functions as the “Centre For Cancel Culture and Digital Hypocrisy”.

In order to better understand how the CCDH globalist censorship platform and hate group operates, the following two exposés provide the indisputable and grisly details.

It ought to be clear from the two preceding links just how deceitful, dishonest and duplicitous the CCDH truly is.  Whatever their product, it’s guaranteed to be full of prevarication, propaganda and piffle.  In view of their thoroughly diabolical MO, how could it possible not be?!

Let’s face it: no one does global disinfo, misinfo and false info-saturated smear campaigns like the Bloody Brits.  With the Tavistock Institute and MI6 located in their back yard in the City of London, the CCDH is fully armed with every weapon of libel and slander available on the planet.

Consistent with Alinky’s “Rules for Radicals”, the CCDH purveyors of denigrating falsehoods know the best way to destroy any truth movement is to isolate, target and decapitate the most effective leaders of that movement.

‘Disinformation Dozen’

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the CCDH set their sights on the 12 most powerful and potent speakers and writers within the COVID-19 Vaccine Truth Movement.  Each of those champions of Covid truth was intentionally labelled the ‘Disinformation Dozen’ (DD) for now obvious reasons.

First, just take a close look at the photoshopping that was done to this montage of photos of each of those 12 VERY courageous Covid shot truth tellers.  Also, look at the highly deceptive meme that was planted above them all to mislead the public from their true collective intent.  Of course, the copy written at the bottom says it all.  The CCDH propagandists are well aware of how easy it is to turn even their supporters against them by misrepresenting them as Covid profiteers and money-grubbing business people, which they are not.

Let’s be very clear, there is no truth today that’s more radioactive than Covid jab truth.

In point of fact, the success or failure of OPERATION COVID-19, the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda and the GREAT RESET each depends on the extent to which all of humanity is willing to receive the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid injections.

Furthermore, the implementation of the final phase of the New World Order agenda can only be carried out toward the establishment of a One World Government when everyone on Earth has received their requisite doses of chipped vaccines.

Therefore, the CCDH has been employed by the NWO globalist cabal to completely demolish the reputations of each of the brave truth tellers pictured above.  After all, they know full well that if they can neutralize those 12 health advocates, it’s highly unlikely that anyone else will carry the torch of ‘vaccine’ truth…unless they’re willing to sacrifice life and limb, hearth and home for the great cause of saving humanity.

No matter how this disingenuous smear campaign ends for either side, what these 12 heroes have already accomplished is to expose the naked perfidy and viciousness of every globalist hate group and censorship platform in existence.  Folks everywhere are now asking why these lifelong health freedom advocates are so disparaged for merely disseminating the truth about such a highly consequential public health matter.

Center For Countering Digital Hate

So, now it’s apparent that the CCDH is really the CPHJCT—“Center for Promoting Hate to Justify Censorship of the Truth”.

All one has to do is look closely at the various institutional relationships that pop up with an Internet search on the CCDH and related organizations.

For instance, the following diagram clearly shows the very close distance between NEWSGUARD (newsguardtech.com) and CCDH (counterhate.com).  NEWSGUARD is the globalist granddaddy in the domain of Big Tech and Big Social Media that ensures truth censorship is systematically taking place in every sphere of the World Wide Web.

Please click on the following link to enlarge the diagram below: http://linkaudit.co/tools/chart/pictures/counterhate.com.png

*Right next to the orange box are both NEWSGUARD and CCDH domain names.

What is also interesting to note is that the CCDH offices are physically (or virtually) located at Langley House in the City of London as seen in the screenshot below.  Similarly, the C.I.A. headquarters is located at Langley, Virginia.

There are many other aspects to the CCDH website that unequivocally demonstrate it is nothing but a hardcore hate group and transparent disinfo organization.  Quite remarkably, the platform creators did not even try to hide their exceedingly fraudulent and underhanded practices.

You know that the command and control of the Internet by the power elite is complete when they launch such a DD character assassination campaign with absolute impunity.  When the primary purpose of virtually every published piece is defamation of character, it should be evident to every truth seeker that the CCDH principals were chosen according to an explicit ponerization process. See: PONERIZATION: How the American Republic was taken over by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths

Here, take a close look at the supposed ‘founding CEO’ of CCDH.  Really, this puppet just decided one day to found a global organization that censors every bit of politically radioactive truth out there?!

Oh, so this globalist pawn is a so-called ‘expert’ in identifying “misinformation”, “conspiracy theories” and “fake news”. Perhaps everyone should watch this MSM-produced puff video to understand just how mind controlled and taken over by his hidden masters Imran Ahmed truly is.

Check out this Mockingbird Media video of the CCDH’s
“Master of Hate” and “Chief Censor”


The numerous interlocking directorships and crossover relationships between the many platforms shown in the organizational diagram above irrefutably illustrates how they are all intimately connected.  It also portrays the high degree of coordination that must exist between all the major governments, largest corporations, influential NGOs, top-tier universities, scientific research institutions and mainstream media throughout the world.

Hence, there can be no other conclusion but that the entire planetary civilization is being subjected to a highly organized, complex and monolithic conspiracy to censor the most damaging truths today, especially about the Covid ‘vaccines’.

As a matter of proven fact, The Powers That Be have become totally obsessed, as never before, to shut down all truth channels, blogs, podcasts and other websites, particularly Covid vaccination truth platforms.

But exactly who are TPTB?  As follows.


It has become the highest priority for the perps directing this ongoing “genocide by Covid vaccination scheme” to suppress any and all COVID-19 vaccine truth.  Likewise, the perpetrators of this vast international criminal conspiracy endeavor to cancel every successful proponent of Covid vaccine truth via unrelenting character assassination and incapacitating personal destruction.

In light of all of their vile and despicable crimes committed thus far to accomplish those nefarious goals, the CCDH has exhibited a level of unparalleled recklessness and brazenness.  Certainly, this extreme behavior is a direct result of the sheer desperation of their well-concealed satanic masters. See: WHEN RICH AND POWERFUL MAD MEN RUN THE WORLD…

State of the Nation
July 22, 2021

SOTN Editor’s Note: Please, everyone, support the falsely characterized ‘Disinfo Dozen’ any way you can.  These valorous individuals deserve our total support and unconditional assistance, however we can provide that.  Toward that end, please send this critical exposé out everywhere and post it wherever appropriate—thank you!