NHS Nurses tell expectant mother that they “will PCR test her baby once it’s born as it is no longer her property” when not in her abdomen

A video recorded by the partner of an expectant mother waiting to give birth in hospital has been released showing NHS nurses harassing the mother to consent to allowing them to perform a Covid-19 PCR test once the baby is born.

The expectant mother, who is clearly distressed at the request is told by the NHS nurses that they will perform the PCR test on the baby as it is no longer the mother’s property when not in her abdomen.

The intrusive PCR test involves sticking a swab as far up the nose as humanly possible and is an extremely uncomfortable procedure for adults, let alone new born babies.

You can see the video in full below…



4 Responses to “NHS Nurses tell expectant mother that they “will PCR test her baby once it’s born as it is no longer her property” when not in her abdomen”

  1. ihunt says:

    Any child is the property of the man and women that are th parents. The NHS nurses if they persude this threat have broken the Law and must be taken to Common Law and severely dealt with by a jury.This is a very serious trespass committed against the Living Woman that is the owner of that child her property, no one in the land can alter that.

    Watch the videos on this site,
    Legalese is used to fool men and women,
    Common Law is superior to and overrides Acts Statutes and Regulations(these are contracts under Company law Admiralty Law we consent or not as we choose). We have Common Law the law of the Land.We are all equal under the Law ,Queen, Lords everybody.

    Police work for service Companies(your Police Force will be registered as a Company check it out your self) but they also have an Oath to uphold the Law Impartially as
    Constables and also as Officers of a Company a fiction to collect fines for profit from you , The Queen is a company, David Cameron, House of Lords,
    Judges,even the United Kingdom is a company , they trade for profit.
    Company Number (04885861)
    Company status
    Correspondence address
    PO BOX 9, Police Headquarters, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, WF1 3QP

    TCP ,Trespass,Contract,Property.
    When faced by Police ask ” Who have I trespassed against which man or woman?”
    “Who do I have a Contract with , bring forth the man or woman.”
    “Who claims that I am property , which man or woman?”
    If no answer is forth coming .
    “Are you on your Oath”
    “As a living man”
    “Am I free to go?”
    Your Children are your property under the Law no one can touch them without your consent.
    Do not engage in conversations they will try to trick you with legalese, keep it simple
    with the above and then continue on your way , or if they are on your Common Law Jurisdiction
    write a notice as such fix to your door and they continue to harrass you ask them to leave as they are trespassing against you.

    Common Law Constables.
    Common Law Countries.
    CLC News.
    How to Respond to the Police (COMMON LAW)

    Dealing With The Police – Years ago, a policeman was your friend and defender. Things have changed now that Police Forces have become commercial organisations, dedicated to producing a profit by taking money from you in the form of Fixed Penalty Notices, Speeding Fines, Parking Fines and any number of other charges.

    • seeker101 says:

      Doesn’t registering a baby, make it property of the state? The Birth Certificate con. One could just ‘record’ the birth and retain rights.

  2. Mick says:

    It’s about time we started knocking these abominable swabs through these Nazis’ eardrums. “For the general good”, as they say.