Must not be vaccinated

Have just received my ID card from the Vax Control Group. This is an international effort to create a data base of unvaccinated people to act as controls against which to judge the efficacy and safety of COVID vaccinations. This became necessary because following the trials on humans those who  had been in the unvaccinated control groups were vaccinated, thereby eliminating any medium and long term studies fo safety and efficacy versus unvaccinated.

Apart from providing anonymised data to researchers the Group also provides the following benefits.

1. If members need blood transfusions they will have a chance to get it from someone not vaccinated.

2. Members can report any discrimination so that a database can be developed allowing their legal team to fight against the worst offenders.

3. For family members their children will have an ID card giving a visual shield against vaccine coercion in schools.

If you are interested they are at

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One Response to “Must not be vaccinated”

  1. jjdp says:

    Who wants to be registered into the crosshair? Didn’t America want people to register their guns? Why is it necessary if it’s their right to bear arms? I most certainly won’t register into an unvaccinated database because that means I made myself a target!