‘Medical reasons’ for Raducanu’s retirement from Wimbledon. What medical reasons?

The media’s full of ‘bs’ on this story as with the below in The Telegraph, trying to pass off her collapse as nerves.  Then they add ‘medical reasons’.  The narrative is wobbling and they’re shooting ideas from the hip.  That means there’s more to this.  She’s short of breath and struggling so what happens?  They put a mask on her.  What do they want?  A stretcher case and Wimbledon turned into a COVID showcase?  I think that was the idea from the beginning, but the selected victim who was also clutching her stomach as if she’s swallowed something toxic, much to their disappointment, held out.  They send out a doctor with a stethoscope to make a bit more visual drama, when she was ready to walk and able to get out of sight.

Did day-long wait affect Raducanu?

The Briton was clearly struggling with her breathing towards the end of that first set. And those lung-busting baseline rallies would have taken their toll on her physically. But did the all-day wait for her match to get under way play it’s part in the sad conclusion of tonight’s clash? The 18-year-old’s last 16 clash didn’t get under way until 8pm, remember.


Tomljanovic on Raducanu’s retirement

‘I’m kind of shocked. I’m really sorry for her. I wish we could have finished it. It’s sport, it happens. I wish her all the best.’

TAP – What are the real reasons?  Don’t tell me.  Did she have the you know what (vaxx) recently?  It’s possible.  She’s coached by the Murrays who are promoting the vaccine.


  Anyone know the answer?  Medical means medical.  This is most unusual for an eighteen year old to suddenly crash out physically.  They’re trying to pass it off as nerves.  I’m not convinced.  There’s more to it.  My guess is that being young and under the influence of the Murrays she went for it – i.e the vaccine as the Murrays promote the vaxx publicly – whether they actually have it themselves or not is debatable. (Her coach is Andy Murray’s father-in-law).  Like many other sports players who were recently vaxxed, she nearly collapsed while on the pitch.  

Pictured earlier before something struck.

Tennis players are being pressurised to get vaccinated.  Being young and advised by the Murrays, did she take it?  Very likely I would think.

You wonder why are they promoting the vaccine to top sports players?  Which they undoubtedly are doing.

My take is that they want some high profile collapses which they can put down to COVID.  Maybe even a tragic death would suit their purposes best as dead tell no tales, and they can then surge their evil drive for more people to be vaccinated.  They are now targeting young people.

The collapse was partial thankfully.  And they’re running the story as nerves so far, not sure whether to go medical with it or not.  ‘How bad is she?’  they’re thinking.  If she deteriorates, you can be sure this will become a high profile COVID case, with no mention of any vaccine.  The narrative needs feeding.  The sacrificial lamb had been readied with much priming of her profile in the media the day before to draw people in and follow her story. 

Today she nearly delivered the perfect COVID news story….  Thankfully so far she has not.   Stay safe, Emma.  Get home to Mum and Dad now would be my advice.  No more listening to those ‘handlers’ in your bubble.  You have a health battle to fight right now which is way more important than any tennis career.  And be careful what they give you to eat and drink just before you play…….Wimbledon is being run as a COVID showcase, with masks worn on camera everywhere – all out in the fresh air.  We can see how their minds are working.  Be careful, please, Emma.  Evil forces are at work.

From the BBC –

Some of the world’s top tennis players have said they do not want to receive a coronavirus vaccine, triggering a major debate within the sport.

Both the ATP and WTA governing bodies have called for players to be immunised, but insist they will not force them to be vaccinated.

Leading stars in both the men’s and women’s game – including Novak Djokovic and Elina Svitolina – have expressed scepticism over Covid-19 vaccines.

Last year, Djokovic said he was “opposed to vaccination” before embarking on a controversial exhibition tour in Serbia and Croatia that was attended by fans. The tennis star and three other players later tested positive for the virus.

He later claimed his comments about vaccinations had been taken out of context in the media, saying “my issue here with vaccines is if someone is forcing me to put something in my body. That I don’t want”.

In recent weeks, the debate over the vaccine has intensified.

Health bodies, including the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency, have repeatedly said the benefits of the vaccine outweigh any risks.

What have players said?

During press conferences at this week’s Miami Open, journalist Ben Rothenberg quizzed a number of players about whether they planned to get a vaccine.

World number eight, Aryna Sabalenka, told a press conference that she did not “trust” the jab.

“They just make it, like really quick and there wasn’t enough time to test it and to see what can happen,” she said.” But she added that if she had to take it, she would.

“It’s tough to say, but I don’t really want it yet and I don’t want my family to take it.”

Elina Svitolina celebrates winning her match at the Australian OpenIMAGE COPYRIGHTREUTERS
image captionElina Svitolina says she will wait for now

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian player Elina Svitolina said she had spoken with friends who told her to “wait a little while longer to see how it goes”.

“For now it makes almost like no sense to do something that has been tested for such a short period of time. I will probably wait for now,” she said.

Following the comments, the WTA released a statement saying it would “continue to educate our players on the various vaccines along with the benefits of getting vaccinated.”

“The WTA believes in and will encourage everyone to get a vaccine,” the statement said.

In the men’s game, top 10 player Andrey Rublev said: “For the moment [the vaccine] doesn’t really give you any privilege”.

He said that players would still have to remain in a bubble while attending tournaments. “If you ask me if I can choose and I can have an option, I will not do it”.


9 Responses to “‘Medical reasons’ for Raducanu’s retirement from Wimbledon. What medical reasons?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I didn’t watch the game, but from what I can see it doesn’t look faked. I can’t find any footage on youtube of the collapse which seems strange. Here she is hitting balls with Andy ‘I had the vaccine’ Murray. Her coach is Andy Murray’s father in law. I am sure she would do as she was told by such people. https://youtu.be/fyJ9jV-lE9c. She talks about being in her ‘bubble’ at Wimbledon, clearly highly controlled in her media answers. She needs to be very careful who she associates with at this time. If I were her I’d get back to Mum and Dad ASAP, and quit the Murray bubble as soon as she can. – https://youtu.be/0N41J2skyBM

  2. Aldous says:

    “The Briton was clearly struggling with her breathing…”
    Morning Tap.
    First of all, Raducanu is not really a ‘Briton’ by its true definition. If everyone and anyone can be a ‘Briton’ then everyone and anyone can be a Chinaman? Ridiculous or what?
    She’s young, beautiful and Asian/Oriental. She surely must identify with that part of the World?
    She should be proud and feel lucky. She could have been born in NYC like the ugly, grotesque, fat slabberbotty f***wit UK PM ‘Boris’ and hated every day of its miserable life.
    Hands above the sheets, but the thought of this BoJo creature and cretin from HELL playing with itself during adolescence is truly repulsive in the extreme and too much for this particular White man to bear at times.
    I feel ill again at the very thought. Sorry.

    • Tapestry says:

      Not your greatest comment, Aldous. She’s lived here since aged two, I believe, and speaks like a local private school inmate. Her looks are exquisite indeed which make her a natural media tool for the corporations. If they can sacrifice her to COVID, a billion youngsters around the world will coming rushing to their needles. The attempt failed and now she’s ‘suffering from pre-match nerves’ as their cover story for a murder attempt. She may have been put through mind control before they promoted her to the media full-on. If not and she awakens to what her handlers truly are, she will need to keep very quiet.

      • Aldous says:

        G’day Tap. Well I like to think that at least I took the time to comment and stand by the thrust of it, even though (admittedly) it was posted after a somewhat boozy day on the lash.
        Remember this bar steward? https://www.rebelnews.com/scotlands_justice_minister_humza_yousaf_thought_crime_censorship_bill

        You’re surely not going to tell me that he’s Scottish? He may possess a British piece of paper aka a Passport but Scottish he most certainly is not and never can or will be.
        A dog born in a stable is not a horse so to speak.

        White Europeans in particular and the White Race in general are under relentless attack from the usual suspects. TV ads nowadays are an absolute disgrace, falsely depicting a society as mixed race in majority White countries. Very often, it’s a case of ‘spot the White man’ in such mendacious ads.

        The British Tory Party is hardly ‘British’ when it has an NYC born Etonian Bullingdon Club brat (with Turkish roots) as its Leader/PM and Rishi Sunak – parents born in Kenya/Tanzania and only in UK since the 1960s. Then we have Priti Patel, Nadhim Zahawi etc, etc.
        I can just see China and the CCP promoting such blatant subversion and undermining of the true British.

        I mostly agree with your analysis and have to admit that Emma Raducanu is very much a victim of what is happening but it should come as no surprise when they are jabbing pilots, train drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, ANY drivers etc.
        The World really has gone insane.
        Take care.

  3. Mick says:

    A lot of British people are still unaware Andy Murray and his brother survived the Dunblane shooting massacre, because on that day it’s been claimed their mother took them out of school for an unscheduled dental visit. Since I found that out I’ve always been suspicious of Andy Murray, even though I never really liked him much because before he became a winner I thought him somewhat arrogant.

    • Tapestry says:

      It’s worth reading Miles W Mathis on Dublane. It’s under a media D Notice and a 100 year ban before the details can be revealed. In other words some kind of hoax to justify bringing in the banning of private gun ownership. All very strange. Just like this tennis thingy.

      • Aldous says:

        I’m not sure Thomas Hamilton had anything to do with the 1996 Dunblane massacre, especially as he was supposed to have shot himself twice in the head with a Magnum after allegedly killing the 16 children (also injuring 15 others) and their teacher Gwen Mayor:


        It has ‘False Flag’ written all over it.

      • ian says:

        And apparently screaming before he shot himself Aldous, that was an o not an i.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Another Wimbledon curiosity this year was the women’s doubles finals. Vesnina hit unforced error after unforced error in the final set – including four returns of serve hit low into the net in a single game. Her partner Kudermetova outclassed Mertens and Hsieh and could have won the game on her own. I felt very sorry for her as she never gave up apart from being so dispirited by her partner’s performance. Was Vesnina throwing the Final deliberately? She didn’t seem at all bothered being the Runner up while Kudermetova was in tears after their losing two match points in the second set, and serving for The Championship once in the third. Next time Kudermetova should chose her partner more carefully and she should end up winning many doubles Finals. If Vesnina wasn’t throwing it deliberately, she was absolutely pathetic, unable to produce even an average standard of tennis towards the end. Had she returned serve at 50%, she and Kudermetova would have won. Of the pair’s 16 unforced errors, almost all were Vesnina’s and most in the third set, against their opponents’ more typical 6 unforced errors in the match. When unforced errors head into big figures at this level of tennis, something’s wrong. 6-3, 5-7, 7-9. It reminded me of Federer throwing games to Murray with high numbers of unforced errors when Murray was clearly intended to be the winner at Wimbledon for the Golden Jubilee. Federer was told to wrap up the game as Murray couldn’t win even with Federer’s well disguised poor performance. On such occasions you wonder if the commentators are truly blind. Did anyone else find Vesnina’s play curious? In the first set she seemed the better of the pair. Something persuaded her to change ends!