Mark Sexton – ‘Where Will YOU Be on the 19th of July?’

ER Editor:  This is former policeman Mark Sexton’s latest video offering, a very powerful one which challenges all of us, put online yesterday, Monday July 5. Here are some of his statements:

  • ‘Three weeks to protect grandma’ and here we are, 16 months later. How many false promises and lies have the government told us? Furlough for 3 months, 6 months …. 12 months and now 16 months. Can you see what’s happening here?
  • Lockdown to protect Christmas, Easter, the summer – so we can go on holiday …
  • Vaccinate the elderly to open up, then the vulnerable, let’s just vaccinate the first 15 million … the over 50s to open up, the over 30s, the over 21s ….
  • But 45 million are vaccinated and the restrictions haven’t been lifted. They still wear masks, socially distance and can’t go on holiday. Now they’ve been told they’ll need booster shots for the next 10 years!
  • Johnson’s timeline promises have all been broken. The end of restrictions has been extended to July 19th.
  • The only way the vaccines can continue to be given is UNDER A STATE OF EMERGENCY. Otherwise, they won’t be able to use them anymore.

  • You are never going to be free from these lockdowns. It will continue for how long? … for however many years until every single person has been vaccinated.
  • They’ve had 16 months of my life already, and I’m not giving them anymore.

  • Protests used to be small, but now they’re in the MILLIONS. Everybody’s turning out to protest because people know the government is LYING. Nothing they’ve said in the last 16 months has happened except for more lies, more control, more vaccines.
  • JULY 19 is the most important day of my life. I will be at Parliament Square for as long as it takes, bringing food and water, to stay there for as long as it takes. I won’t be marching – I will be demanding the POLICE DO THEIR JOB, to stand with their people and stop the government lying, deceiving and cheating us further.

  • On July 22, Parliament will close until September 6 for the summer holidays. Children will break up from school and return in September. THEN the injections will begin for the 12 to 15 year olds, whether we or they like it or not.
  • I will not let them come for the children. I will not let them vaccinate our children. I will be there for my grandchildren, for my children, and for the future of MY United Kingdom – England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

  • Parliament has not taken care of our well being- they have failed in EVERY WAY. They’ve lied and cheated, and they’re laughing in our faces. I’m not laughing. WE EMPLOY THEM, we pay their salary and give consent. I no longer give consent to these lying, criminal, self-serving hypocrites.
  • We employ the police. We pay their salary. We give consent. I will be instructing them to stop those in Parliament from destroying our country, our economy and our wellbeing.
  • The single biggest day of our lives is 19th July because THEY WILL NOT GET THEIR HANDS ON or DESTROY OUR CHILDREN. I, you, we must stop that.

  • I will be outside Parliament for my children, my grandchildren and for my country on the 19th. I will be lawful and peaceful. I will not remove myself until the police do their job and perform their duty by upholding the oath that they swore. Without fear or favour. Independence of government to protect MY human rights, to protect me from harm, to protect me from injury and loss, and to bring criminals to justice. To protect my children and my grandchildren. No organization is above the law. No-one is above the law.
  • On 19th of July, I WILL BE THERE.

  • On the 19th, there will be calls for action, there will be broadcasts for people – for things they can do.
  • Where will YOU be? What do YOU want to do? What sacrifices will YOU make to be there? Which side of history will YOU be on? What will YOU say to YOUR grandchildren when they ask you ‘where you were on July 19th, 2021’?

  • I know what I will say. Do you?


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Mark Sexton – ‘Where Will YOU Be on the 19th of July?’