Is this the world’s most evil woman?

Devi Sridhar (left) pictured with Chelsea Clinton

Irish Savant – July 24, 2021

Now to qualify for this title you’d have to overcome some tough opposition. Hellery Clinton, mass murderer and drinker of children’s blood springs to mind. As does ((Madeleine Albright)), casually claiming that starving half a million Iraqi children to death was ‘worth it’ because it took out Saddam Hussein. Who also just happened to be Israel’s most powerful enemy. But my vote goes to Devi (Devil) Sridhar, Director of the University of Edinburgh’s Global Health Governance Programme. After all, what could be more evil than enabling the killing and maiming of children? But that’s what this corrupt malevolent depraved termagant does for a living.

Which probably explains why she – a mere nutritionist – has been catapulted into the position of international authority on all things Covid, the go-to media darling when blatant lying is required. From a recent BBC propaganda piece which is being shoved down the throats of the country’s schoolchildren: “the Covid-19 vaccines are 100% safe” and “not a single child has died” because of the Covid-19 vaccines. “There has not been one death to a child to the vaccine, there has been side effects but they’ve been treated”. Devil reassures children that they might “experience fatigue, feeling tired, feeling a little unwell” as “some children in the clinical trials” but that “these cleared in a day or two, and it seems a small price to pay to protect from the real disease when it comes.”

Absolute and blatant and shameless lies. The truth is that in America, the official data up to the 28th May 2021 for 12 to 17-year-olds shows that there have been 4,740 total adverse events including 117 rated as serious and four reported deaths. Two 15-year-olds died and a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old. Those are the confirmed deaths. There are others not yet confirmed. Initially even the WHO conceded that the vaccines were neither safe nor needed for children. However, presumably after a quick phone call from the main financier Bill Gates, they reversed their position.

Here’s Professor Devil again:

“So when the Pfizer vaccine was trialed among children in the United States, they found absolutely no cases of illness in the group that received the vaccine. So it looks like the vaccine does protect against getting Covid-19.” Another shameless blatant lie. In actual fact “A Shocking 86% of Children suffered an Adverse Reaction to the Pfizer Covid Vaccine in Clinical Trial”.

As you can imagine, this creature is up to her neck in NWO globohomo, being bribed funded by Gates and the Wellcome Trust among others. I’ll leave the last word on the demon to the heroic Dr. Vernon Coleman. “I’d vote for digging up Myra Hindley and appointing her rather than Devi Sridhar. Better still, Rose West is still alive and just as suitable for the post; children would be much safer”.

By the way, have you noticed the vanishingly small proportion of White men among the vax propagandists? A lot of brown people and Jews seem to be keen on Whites sterilised having needles stuck in their arms. Devil Srithar claims to be American but is obviously of street-shitter ancestry. In Ireland we have Leo Varadker, Mr. Globohomo himself, an Indian homosexual Hindu giving us the orders. Britain has a recently-arrived Iraqi as Minister For Kuffar Jabbing whose boss happens to be a Pakistani Muslim. Overseeing the legal side of it is a Ugandan Indian. In America the Director of the CDC is a Jewish woman and it seems every talking head propagandising the vax over there is brown, yellow or Jewish.

‘Freedom is not taken from us. We give it away’.


Is this the world’s most evil woman?


4 Responses to “Is this the world’s most evil woman?”

  1. ian says:

    The Irish Savant is an excellent writer of articles.

  2. danceaway says:

    I agree, Ian. Pleased he is still writing.

  3. archer says:

    I’m not a xenophobic, though it’s hard not to notice that a lot of the proponents of the corona hoax are foreigners. Chaand Nagpaul is another one that has been gunning for Draconian lockdown measures etc.

    Whitty and Valance are of course two home grown corona imbeciles – together with the many of our MPs.