Is Gates’ RNA vaccine actually as lethal as he hopes?

Modifying RNA may not have the effects that Fauci and Gates are hoping.  Do they actually understand RNA and DNA?  It’s likely they do not.

They don’t understand the role of electricity in the creation and maintenance of life, or the spiritual component in life, says Michael Clarage.

Crick’s DNA discovery has not yet been understood, he says.

All the actions of Gates and Fauci are based on theories which may well not be correct.  They certainly deny the spiritual elements in human health and animal life, and believe they can tamper with their intended victims in mechanistic ways.  Michael Clarage explains the lack of understanding of DNA and RNA in today’s scientific community, which prompted me to make this post, and wonder how this might apply to the current situation we face.

He doesn’t address the mRNA vaccine in this presentation, but if the understanding of RNA by scientists is so poor, what makes them think they can kill 2 billion or more humans with their mechanistic vaccine?  They really are guessing what they can achieve.

The power of the human spirit and the adaptability of our system to deal with their mRNA interventions may surprise Gates and Fauci.

Gates and the media certainly know how to create fear, and that alone can make people ill and die – the witch doctor effect.  Kill the spirit first and the job of making people die is much more likely to succeed.  Hence lockdowns and so on.  Is belief in our future our best defence?  The media pumps out fear.  Switch it off.  The government invents fake news on an hourly basis.  Don’t listen.  Listen to your spirit, and living may become achievable once more, jabbed or not jabbed.  (preferably not jabbed of course)

This is an excellent and informative talk from Michael Clarage.  DNA and RNA don’t go very far in explaining how life is created and maintains itself, he convincingly points out.   DNA and RNA do not instruct life to come into being.  They are maybe a massive store of information which are necessary for the process of life creation, but they are not the impetus of life.  I recommend this video as he explains it so well.

The scientists who charge millions to create new lethal effects (gain of function) probably know that they are wasting Gates’ money, but why would they care?  They’re getting paid for conning him and everyone else.  That’s the problem with powerful liars crazed by lust for power.  They end up believing their own lies, or the lies they’ve paid to be told.