I don’t like posting stories like this one, but sources are solid.

As American Military News now reports, Japanese State Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama is now issuing a public warning that China and Russia are gearing up for a surprise attack on America.

“…[T]hey plan to launch a Pearl Harbor-style attack on the U.S., similar to how Japan did on Dec. 7, 1941, propelling the U.S. into World War II,” warns AMN. Nakayama adds that today’s nuclear weapons are hundreds of times more powerful than the early atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, stating that, “Honolulu will be erased from the map” if China and Russia attack Hawaii.


The Hawaiian islands are of immense strategic importance to the United States, with the region housing military communications operations that are critical for national security. Any attack on the United States would first target multiple Hawaiian islands, including Kauai and Oahu.

These statements by Nakayama confirm what independent media outlets like Natural News, The Epoch Times, InfoWars and The Commonsense Show have been warning about for years: China plans to attack and destroy the United States of America in order to achieve global dominance and rule the world. Far from bring a “fringe theory,” the threat that China poses against the United States is now so obvious that even America’s strategic allies are sounding the alarm.

As Natural News readers know, we have interviewed geopolitical analyst JR Nyquist several times, and he has repeatedly sounded the alarm of Chinese and Russian threats against the United States, even detailing the land invasion that China plans to activate as part of the occupation of America.

Here’s our latest interview with Nyquist:


China plans to utterly obliterate the United States, colonize North America and use the farmland to feed its growing empire

As I’ve covered in numerous Situation Update podcasts, China has longstanding plans to defeat and eliminate the United States of America, then colonize all of North America (including Canada) and use the farmland to feed its own 1.4 billion people who are facing their own food security crisis due to domestic crop failures in China.

This plan requires the land invasion of the United States, followed by the total extermination of all remaining Americans. The launching of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus bioweapon was just the opening salvo in this war against America. Many more phases are yet to come. Sadly, the Pentagon, FBI, Biden administration, CDC and CIA are all working for China, while the NSA, DIA, Space Force and many other elements of government are fighting to defend America against traitors and enemies. Governors of blue states are functioning as extensions of communist China, while governors of red states are on America’s side.

Most likely, the main thrust of the coming attack will be unleashed via cyber warfare, targeting America’s power and energy infrastructure installations. China knows that America’s power grid is extremely vulnerable and barely function in hot or cold weather (as proven by recent rolling blackouts in Oregon, California, Texas and elsewhere). In California, the regional power company shuts off portions of the power grid when the wind blows!

Once the grid goes down, banking and finance sectors grind to a halt

Taking down the power grid is not the end goal all by itself, of course. The loss of power infrastructure would set off a cascade of catastrophic events in the realm of banking and finance, essentially bringing all electronic transactions to a standstill. This includes retail transactions, ATMs, banking operations, commercial transactions, electronic funds transfers, investment activities, food stamps, pension payments, cryptocurrencies and everything else you might imagine. Without electricity, the modern world of finance instantly ceases to function.

This would almost instantly thrust every major U.S. city into chaos, with widespread looting, arson, attacks on innocent citizens and total mayhem. (This happens nearly every weekend in many left-wing cities even when the lights are on, by the way.)

Within 48 hours, nearly every retail outlet in these areas would be stripped bare, including grocery stores, electronics retailers, sporting goods stores and even clothing stores. Expect martial law to be declared very quickly, followed by the suspension of the U.S. Constitution and federal attempts at widespread gun confiscation. Travel on major roads will become impossible.

The violence and chaos of the inner cities will quickly spill into suburban areas, and then — for the survivors — into the countryside as refugees attempt to flee the collapsing cities on foot, seeking food and shelter.

I have stumbled across an outstanding audio book that I think captures what this might look like. It’s called, “Tomorrow War: The Chronicles of Max Redacted,”  by J. L. Bourne. The book seethes with authenticity of what a global engineered economic collapse would look like (a “global reset” caused by a cyber attack that bleeds into the financial infrastructure), and it seems very accurate in depicting the attempted totalitarian response by government.

Get my take on all this in today’s Situation Update podcast via Brighteon.com:



7 Responses to “I don’t like posting stories like this one, but sources are solid.”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Not saying it’s total bunk, however it reads like a classic, thus quite likely unsubstantiated sensational tale of doom by good ol’ Gomez and complimented by an equally unreliable online MSM channel: Yahoo news.
    He quotes ‘geopolitical analyst JR Nyquist’ as his source therfore it must be absolutely true…

  2. Mick says:

    China has more rights to the islands its builds in the South China Sea, and Russia has more rights to the Crimea with which it has a land bridge, than the US has to Hawaii, the UK has to the Falklands Islands and either have to Diego Garcia from where the inhabitants were 100% ethnically cleansed. The UK and the Falklands don’t even have the same stars in the night sky ffs, nor do they have same seasons at the same time. But Argentina does.

  3. Occams says:

    I don’t like people POSTING ‘stories’ like this. It’s redirection/disinformation like this that is planted so ‘everyone’ dismisses EVERYTHING, out of hand. This was done right after 911 – make everything look stupid by Think Tanks putting out absolute rubbish so everything then gets tossed out. PS: There is no ‘agency’ fighting for the US. Whores will accept payment from anyone. Period

    • Tapestry says:

      Just occasionally it’s good to go with Gomez and see what Occams says! The private ownership of guns in the US would put off any foreign invader I would have thought. They’d get too many holes in their backsides for comfort.Sorry for the upsetting post. I feel better now hearing your replies though.

      • Occams says:

        Which is exactly the point; No one is going to invade a nation with so many guns. Hell, even Japanese general Yamamoto warned of ‘a gun behind every blade of grass’, and WE are destroying ourselves, anyway! Why would anyone need to ‘invade’?

        Perhaps when 300 million are dead from this injection, ‘they’ can waltz in and take over, but in the end, MONEY runs all things, and since the US is nothing but a consumer nation, I find it hard to believe that China would upset that income-balance which has given them such dominance in the world, and the purchase of sooooo much real estate in the US – some of it quite ‘key’, strategically.

        Gomez is an odd duck. He’s a ‘gatekeeper’ of sorts – but more simply just a stupid but useful tool for disinformation (remember: he was THE ONE who STARTED the ‘US Special Forces shootout in Germany with the CIA’ bullshit on the Trump/Biden vote storage BS (I knew the story was BS BECAUSE it came from Gomez, but also that the Spec Ops’s guys lost more men than the CIA-clowns in the shootout???? lol…..yeaaaaaa. I worked with some of these Teams as a civilian contractor. I was also accompanied a trainer-friend at a Hogan’s Alley back east and watched some ‘alphabet agency’ forces training. Sorry. FUBAR. My buddy said if these clowns were on his course they’d be banned).

        I remember a few years ago Gomez made some wild cancer-cure claims. As someone who has helped more than a few I know retreat or beat their cancer from the information I’ve gleaned and shared, I asked for his sources.

        No response.

        I asked again. POLITELY? Simply provide links to this info he was posting. That’s it.

        I asked a 3rd time, and as I typed, it said (Disqus) YOU’VE BEEN BANNED BY NATURAL NEWS.

        There are a LOT of these ‘sites’ that purport the Constitution, freedom, Bill of Rights, etc., etc., but are verrrrry quick to ban you if you don’t agree; From The Trenches, Anti-War, Gomez’s 6 or 8 websites, etc.

  4. danceaway says:

    Have been listening to Clif High quite a lot recently, as he is putting out frequent musings. I don’t think he sees it playing out this way, although he does not dismiss the role of the CCP; worth finding his recent postings on bit chute, having a listen and forming one’s one opinion.