How the Vatican fosters warfare

A very-hidden chapter in post-1945 American history was the unpublicized but central role that the Vatican played in demonizing the Soviet Union for the American population in the 1950’s, with the consequence that what was a rather democratic political process in the United States after the war was increasingly turned into  a national Security State, a state in which every crime and abuse of public trust by the CIA or State Department could be hidden from the American public under the guise of “national security,” necessary for defense against the “threat of godless Communism.”
It was secondary whether the crimes of Stalin were as claimed, though they usually were. Stalin’s brutality to his people served as the prefect justification for the oligarchic circles around especially the Rockefellers and their inner circle, including the then-very-junior Bush family of Senator Prescott Bush, to corrode American democratic processes in the name of Cold War.
Key Roman Catholic figures in the United States during the 1950’s included New York’s Cardinal Francis Spellman. Spellman was so powerful until his death that he was referred to as the “American Pope.” He had a direct line to Pius XII on all things American and shared the Pope’s virulent anti-communism.
From 1881 through to the First World War, though the United States was overwhelmingly Protestant in its population, floods of immigrants from Catholic Ireland, Catholic Italy and elsewhere had increased the USA Catholic base by fully five million, a significant and growing political factor. By 1950, at the dawn of the Cold War against “Godless Bolshevism,” America’s recent World War ally, there were twenty eight million American Roman Catholics, many of them now middle class, university educated, well-off financially and a very significant political power base. Pope Pius XII who earlier had shown little compunctions about organizing Papal Concordats with Hitler’s vice Chancellor von Papen in 1933 and Italian fascist Mussolini, mobilized his significant population base through the Church in the United States to fan the flames of Cold War. [17]
For the Rockefeller group and their Bilderberg allies, who controlled the CIA, State Department and owned the key companies of the military-industrial complex, a Vatican anti-communist crusade was a gift from Heaven so to say.
In August 1950, Francis Matthews, American Secretary of the Navy, held a speech in Boston. Matthews, a devout Roman Catholic, was former Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, described by some as the Catholic counterpart to freemasonry. He was intimate with the highest levels of the Church.
Just before he delivered the Boston remarks, Matthews checked the content with Cardinal Spellman, who approved. The Vatican in Rome was informed and also approved, as was the Roman Catholic American right-wing General Douglas MacArthur and Father Edmond Walsh, S.J., the very influential head of the private Roman Catholic Georgetown University School of Foreign Relations in Washington D.C.  Under Edmond Walsh, Georgetown’s School of Foreign Relations held a unique role in shaping Cold War US foreign policy. It was where most US diplomats were trained as well as future President Bill Clinton. Walsh, in response to seeing the preview of Matthews’ speech, declared that the United States should even use the atomic bomb against Russia. [18]
In that Boston speech, Navy Secretary Matthews called on the United States to launch a preemptive war against the Soviet Union, saying it would make the American people the “first aggressors for peace.” Matthews declared a rather bizarre logic that George Orwell would have enjoyed: “To have peace we should be willing to pay any price—even the price of instituting a war…That would brand our program as imperial aggression…we could accept that…a character new to a true democracy—the initiator of a war of aggression.” [19] Fortunately President Truman, who had not been informed before, publicly denounced the provocative speech and the US did not nuke the Soviet Union.
Pope Pius XII was silent about the Matthews call for preemptive war against the Soviet Union. Matthews at the time was a Privy Chamberlain of Pius XII.[20]
That background clarifies much about the true nature of the secretive Bilderberg Group that Joseph Retinger, with quiet backing of Pius XII, founded, together with the leading figures of the anti-communist CIA and David Rockefeller, in 1954 at the Hotel de Bilderberg.
The Bilderberg concept was to create a fusion of right-wing predominately Roman Catholic anti-communist business and political networks in Western Europe that would coordinate global strategy with the mainly Rockefeller business empire in the USA.
That fusion profoundly altered the course of postwar global politics and economics for the worse.
In their 1956 Bilderberg Meeting, the group discussed creation of a European Common Market. The result emerged one year later, in 1957, with signing of the Treaty of Rome. The CIA had financed Retinger and his European Movement via a front organization called the American Committee on United Europe (ACUE). For US corporate multinationals, a single European Economic Community would make it far easier and more profitable for large American corporations to gain a market in Europe. For Washington, a transnational entity in Brussels that eroded national sovereignty and national action was easier to manipulate during the Cold War. For Opus Dei and the Bilderberg European leaders, it enabled their corporate and political networks to slowly erode national sovereign borders.[21]