One Response to “How dare they do that. Thanks danceaway.”

  1. ian says:

    Again, a little naive. Only in one way. Very awake, very aware and smart. BUT, we are a minority, and the owner mafia bosses who run the show, have TV, the Police, and the army, along with weapons. If we could get everyone to refuse to comply, then they’d struggle, but these guys destroyed Russia, and Ukraine. We’re not dealing with rookies here. We’re are if you’ll pardon the expression in deep shit. All these people trying legal methods, most will say, is better than doing nothing, but I don’t necessarily think so. Occams who I admire says, get them all vaccinated, we’re better without them, but I can’t believe that they’ll allow the unvaccinated to live unharmed. Time will tell, but time is running out for us.