He got his jib-jab in a tent

He didn’t know what the jib-jab meant,

Thought he was superman for a day,

Got too close to 5G and the graphene blew him away.

When a friend who has had the jib-jab injected directly into his veins and laughs at the suggestion he may be magnetic, what is actually going on?

Is the laughter an auto-defence mechanisim against the horrific possibility his body has been invaded by a weaponised technology? After all,

Laughter may be a defensive response to the stark reality the individual is facing.

Or, is it simply a case of,  ‘I’ve had the jib-jab and I feel happy?’

Vial in tent

Last Thursday, I ran into the son of a long-standing friend. It was a glorious summer’s morning. He is 28 years old. Shortly into the conversation, he told me he had just been to get a jib-jab at the white tent on the far side of the park:

Jib-jab tent, Nottingham, 04 Feb, 2021

When I asked him why, he replied he hadn’t wanted it, that it was simply because he wanted to travel abroad. He confirmed that his intuition had been against it. Evidently, just like millions of others, his intuition had been overrided by the relentless mind-control pumped out by the treacherous mainstream media. I suggested he visit this site and learn about graphene oxide. Then, find a way to detoxify the shite out of his body.

The presence of graphene oxide in the vials has been further confirmed and, lest we forget, it a vile substance that was also contained in the 2020 flu vaccine.

Pulling the 5G Trigger

Naturally enough, the brainwashed mind will resist any and all attempts to waken it. The sleep is so deep, so comforting, that the sleeper rolls over and slips into a snooze. He has a lie-in. However, he has to get out of bed at some point, his mind begins to question the fairy-tale he has bought, fear will grip him, then anger. He can no longer avoid it. And that is the tipping point we are reaching: there is going to be massive blowback. The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Knowledge and that is where we right now. The truth cannot be suppressed much longer, the champagne bottle has been shaken and the cork has shot out.

As Clif High, states,

[…] we’re reaching a critical tipping point, this weekend, I think.

As more Normies get involved in it, it’ll just gain. It’ll start doubling every day, as the amount of people that are awakening. And it’s just going to race through humanity and just go really, really fast. 

So the Globalists are really caught in a really tenuous position. They’ve exposed themselves in the West. They’re visible. We know who our enemy class is and we can start identifying who it is, as individuals. And we can debate about certain individuals that are fringe level but we can easily identify all the hardcore cadre of Globalists that are causing us problems and creating unconventional warfare that we have to participate in, instead of living nice, happy lives.

And we’re all real pissed about that, so we’re all gonna change it. And then, we’ll go on to living nice, happy lives and not have to deal with unconventional warfare with the Globalists – because, we’re gonna basically eliminate ’em, because this is the time. Source

We are in for a roller coaster ride, pity those who wake up in the middle of it and take hold of their hands: as stated in the second video below, this information, these facts, this truth is enough to bring down each and every government around this world. They are fooked, no doubt about it. The question is how many will be around to see it if the 5G ‘kill switch’ ever becomes effective?



This is from one of the Spanish team that has had the Pfizer vials analysed in a laboratory, Dr. José Luis Sevillano:

Well. The first thing is to specify that when we refer to percentages of this magnitude (ninety-nine and a bit percent, etc.), this refers to the absorption signal that it has when analyzed by spectroscopy. In other words, not all of the vial is just graphene, but when you purify the content to look for graphene you realize that the signals that are received from what you are analyzing in the ninety-nine percent, what you are receiving is a signal that comes from the graphene. About ninety-something percent. That is, you see liquid there, but not all the liquid is graphene. The liquid is diluted with other things that we will discuss later. Because there are living things in the vaccines, and we will have to specify this in due course. What’s something alive doing there? Aside from graphene.

He goes on to state, in the most unequivocal of terms,

Graphene becomes magnetic when in contact with biological media.


So, we already know that the COVID disease could very well have been caused by a combination of graphene + 4G


Graphene is very easily eliminated by the lungs. That’s why pulmonary Covid exists.


We’re right now about to cross the barrier that’s going to lead us to a new Covid pandemic. But in a really alarming kiind of hyper-pandemic that is going to be the one caused by the deployment of the 5G technology.

There will be a catastrophe and it will be caused by 5G. This will be falsely presented as being the ‘Delta Variant’. People will be walking around and fall into a coma. They will suffer vertigo, everything. Everything.


Then we’re going to have a mega-hyper-pandemic caused by graphene in all the people who have been vaccinated. At the moment, we have a chemical agent that is not metallic, but once into the body (it) becomes magnetic. Either because of the temperature or because of the qualities of the body environment.


What happens is that this material has a particularity, and that is that it’s capable of absorbing energy.


Its capablilities correspond to a wide range of that electromagnetic spectrum that’s also included in the 5G bandwidth.


Until now, that there was no 5G technology already emiting some kind of energy by these antennas that could excite it. […] we mean when a molecule that is not particularly aggressive or toxic becomes toxic and aggressive.”  Source

Make no mistake: this issue is big enough to bring down the world’s governments. And it will.

‘He got his jib-jab in a tent’

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  1. Occams says:

    “lol…….no one has died from this vaccine” ~ Head of UC school system’s cyber-security, as she told me directly.

    “No way, Ese! I wouldn’t put that shit in my body!” ~ Green Card Mexican friend, High School equivalency diploma, house painter