23 Responses to “Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “They Are Making So Many Mistakes, We Are Close To A Tipping Point””

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    I think the one making the biggest mistake of all is the deluded Dr Reiner Fuellmich, naively believing he can beat them at their own game in their own biased and corrupt courts of lawlessness.
    I’ve been watching and closely observing him in his recent videos and noticed he has an enormous ego. Big egos are always very fragile. Really full of himself. It’s actually a front he puts on like a frightened young boy lost in the dark, who whistles to keep his spirits up.. Knows he cannot succeed, so pretends he’s got it all under control – ‘game-set and match’.
    His lawsuits, despite being full of overwhelming evidence that those he accuses are guilty of the most heinous crimes against humanity over our entire civilized history and worse, are useless in THEIR corrupt judiciaries, and are almost 100% guaranteed to fail. He knows that this time around, he’s not sparring in the same legal arenas where he challenged Monsanto and tobacco companies and won. He’s now up against the most EVIL and humanity hating mammals the devil ever gave breath to, who literally own and control the laws he’s challenging them for breaking. He’s very astute and super-smart so he must be aware of that.
    He’s not only deluding himself, he’s deluding even more so his faithful, but complacent, lily-livered fans who have invested all their false hopes in him, and the manipulated, corrupt courts to set them free, when they can do that themselves; if they would only grow a backbone and STOP OBEYING the tyrants who hate them and their ridiculous, dehumanizing mandates.

    Good luck with this one Reiner and Co. because you’re going to need lots of it and more.
    There is no law and order in the wonderful utopian ‘new normal’. At least not for us ordinary folk, who naively trusted then elected the treasonous lying governments who own and control the ‘law’ and use it as a weapon to subjugate and eventually destroy us and our whole way of life, but aided by the fact that almost NOBODY has the guts to stand up to them and say “NO, we WON’T COMPLY”.
    We the people can NEVER claim victory in any courtroom. The war is out there in the streets, the factories, the mines, the pubs, hotels, airports, bus terminals, railway stations, restaurants, the shopping malls, etc. etc., i.e. places which until March 2020 were buzzing hives of active and mentally normal human beings, busily and FREELY getting on with normal LIFE.
    Get out there to the cruel, real world and FIGHT them. Stop cowering behind delusional fools who cannot really do anything for us, while you lazy basement dwellers waste you hopes in them, believing they can and will. They can’t. But together, WE can!

    • ian says:

      TV is their star general in this war Alan. Without it they would lose.

    • Snigger says:

      Alan Vaughn your so negative towards these people that are fighting back through the law courts, why?

  2. Snigger says:

    Alan Vaughn. Dr Reiner Fuellmich is fighting back through law, that’s what he knows best but you knock him for fighting back through his profession, why? Everybody in every profession or job should fight back but you say don’t bother, why? Wait for somebody to come and save us, its started so why keep knocking people that do fight back?

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Not knocking him for ‘fighting back’, he is indeed trying and his intentions are very sincere and honourable. I’m merely pointing out what is obvious to many of us and should be as obvious to Reiner too: That he is fighting these horrible scoundrels in THEIR biased & corrupt courts of lawlessness for breaking their own laws which they can and do amend to fit their nefarious, anti-humanity agendas, at their leisure; thus the whole exercise is doomed to failure. (The ball will always be in their court).
      However I am knocking those (and I suspect you’re one of them), who are too lazy, and/or lily-livered to fight back themselves, because it’s easier for them to place all their hopes in others such as Dr Fuellmich to fight for them (or worse: think that Donald Trump and the mythical ‘Q-anon’), can and will, win their battles for them. They WON’T and they CAN’T, so WAKE UP and see the real world. It’s not so simple, nor is it very nice out there.

      As I said at the conclusion of my short essay above:
      “Stop cowering behind delusional fools who cannot really do anything for us, while you lazy basement dwellers waste you hopes in them, believing they can and will. They can’t. But together, WE can!”
      IOW: Don’t waste your hopes and time believing in them, as though they’re divine, or angelic saviours or Messiahs, believing they can and will win this massive battle in THEIR biased, corrupt courts of lawlessness. They can’t.
      It’s an exercise in futility that will only result in guaranteed, great disappointment for you.

      Bottom line:
      Three easy steps everyone needs to follow, which will lead us to taking back our freedom and human rights, which we were tricked into surrendering:
      1. Grow a spine,
      2. Stop kowtowing to these humanity loathing satanic cretins that HATE us and who have declared war on us. The most heinous act of treason in our entire history.
      3. STOP COMPLYING! To any and ALL of their dehumanizing mandates and diktats, which they had no right to impose.

      • Snigger says:

        Alan Vaughn

        However I am knocking those (and I suspect you’re one of them), who are too lazy, and/or lily-livered to fight back themselves, because it’s easier for them to place all their hopes in others such as Dr Fuellmich to fight for them .

        ‘(and I suspect you’re one of them), who are too lazy, and/or lily-livered to fight back themselves,’

        Snigger – Alan, I have not worn a mask since day one and flatly refuse to wear one. When challenged have fought back quoting law on Equality Act 2010 and walked in.

        Snigger – As you said in your previous post – Alan Vaughn says:

        Not knocking him for ‘fighting back’, he is indeed trying and his intentions are very sincere and honourable
        ‘the deluded Dr Reiner Fuellmich, naively believing he can beat them at their own game in their own biased and corrupt courts of lawlessness’

        Snigger – Earlier this year I confidently took part in a million pound trial as a witness and defendant. I like law and have an interest in the subject. I wiped the floor with the defendants barrister, the judge was a judge as you would expect a judge to be, they aren’t all corrupted.

        Yesterday I went into the shop, 10/ 12 % of people weren’t wearing masks. Today I went back in and 80 % weren’t wearing masks…. what do we learn? they are in the shadows but they need leading. Negative comments get us all nowhere. In law public life or any walk of life or profession.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Ok Snigger, I misjudged you and I apologize.
        I hope you will understand how I did so and forgive, so we can unite (not fight) and continue to spread the truth together.

        Believe it or not Snigger, I do have an open mind and welcome debate and suggestions…
        There is one good thing that might come of this, even if Reiner Fuellmich and his teams do lose the battle in the cabal’s corrupt courts…
        Such a loss would be seen as a golden opportunity by the lying, complicit mainstream media to publicly shame & ridicule them as ‘covid-deniers’, dangerous spreaders of ‘misinformation’ etc., but propagating that kind of ‘news’ would far more likely have the opposite effect on public opinion than they would hope for. (Any publicity is GOOD publicity).
        Many sheople would finally be able to clearly see the elephant in the room for once: That there’s obviously something very nefarious playing out behind the scenes, for a world renowned and respected lawyer of Dr Fuellmich’s calibre, to dare challenge the humanity loathing, satanic pond-life in their own biased courts.
        The otherwise sleepwalking dumbed-down public would surely figure out that even if he lost the challenge, he must have had good reason to believe he could sue them.
        I.e. plenty of overwhelming, indisputable, ‘watertight’ evidence which gave him the confidence he needed to believe he could successfully prosecute them on all the very serious allegations leveled against them.
        Even the most TV programmed face-masked covid-slaves would know that world renowned Lawyers such as Dr Fuellmich would not even consider challenging them, if they thought there was a good chance they would lose. Most of them would know he successfully sued giants such as Monsanto and Tobacco companies, for much less heinous crimes.
        So, even if he loses, It would really expose all the lies they’ve been feeding the masses over the past 17 months and the media would be stupid enough to jump at the chance to ridicule him without realizing they’d also be propagating the truth about the demonstrably fake ‘deadly pandemic’ Trojan Horse, and the true anti-humanity agenda hidden within it.
        From there, the long overdue revolt should ensue, if it doesn’t erupt before it gets to court: Things really are heating up now as many more people are starting to think for themselves for a change, using simple common sense, rather than just blindly obeying; and are finally waking up. (Never thought I’d be saying that).
        The sudden increase in omnipresent, hysterically propagated bizarre fear porn indicates that our governments are aware that they’re losing their grip, and desperately trying to maintain CONTROL, thus are becoming quite afraid of us. As they should be.
        They’re now painfully aware of how far outnumbered they are, thus how powerless and defenseless they would be, if we were to turn on them.
        And I believe that might happen soon.

        They should all be lynched by angry pitchfork wielding mobs of serfs (like us) and dragged out of the offices they’re all unfit to hold, then hanged in the town centres. (Don’t worry, I mean that metaphorically).

        Once again Snigger I apologize for misjudging you. I thought you were just another troll, as you know we do get far too many of those types attacking us (even from within our own ‘ranks’), so an honest mistake. Still, I was wrong.
        You’re definitely one of us – the scamdemic ‘resistance’.

  3. danceaway says:

    I believe I heard Reimer say that a special court would be needed; he seems aware of the corruption of normal courts. Dr David Martin is well aware of the corruption of the court system in the US ( in his most recent interview with Stew Peters on bitchute, but he believes in keeping going, nevertheless.
    https://www.bitchute.com/video/F9WP37jGQPR6/ You need to listen to the end to hear this part of the discussion.

  4. danceaway says:

    Just for fun, have a listen to this chap, who appeals to the young, but manages to throw in a lot of real information which perhaps the newly awakened might not have come across yet. No sugar coating the pill here, but helping the young face up to reality. Hope it has not been removed by the time you get to it.

  5. danceaway says:

    This is the one I was trying to post. Title should be the final end game. Apologies.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      This video was unavailable – YT msg said it was removed by the uploader or similar, however, the first one by ‘Infinite Waters’ is wonderful. Little wonder he has almost 2 million subscribers.
      Thanks for posting it danceaway – it made my day.

      • danceaway says:

        Just looked, and you saw the one I hoped you would see. YT has been messing around; they were both the same. I see there is a new one up by Ralph so I must have a look. I am delighted you enjoyed it, Ian! If you look at his site, you can get a flavour of what he has been posting. They pretty much lead up to this one. Yes, the fact that he has such a following is encouraging!

  6. Alan Vaughn says:

    Thank you for your response to my comments regarding what I think of the futility of anyone who would try to take the perpetrators of the most diabolical, (yet blatant) HOAX in human history, to the most biased and corrupt judiciaries ever, to be tried for ‘crimes against humanity’; under what many deluded hopefuls affectionately refer to as ‘Nuremberg 2.0’.
    Unfortunately at my current location, I have only very limited access to the Internet, via an unreliable, very slow (and bloody expensive) mobile data service, thus viewing multimedia especially video, is quite often not even possible, so most of my online activity consists of reading articles and commenting as I’m doing at present.
    I often feel frustrated whenever I find a post containing only a video and no transcript or a even brief summary of its content. Even (audio only) podcasts are often difficult to play. I have to wait until the early hours of a morning (when few people are online) to watch/listen to them, but I also need to sleep. I can however, download and read most pdfs.
    Anyway, I digress.

    I am a little perplexed by your gesture…
    What have I said in this thread, or any of the comments I have posted to this forum, (or any others you may have stumbled across on other websites), that gave you the impression that my eyes are closed and need to be opened?
    If you think I’m not aware of, or have not read and even viewed a number of (censored) videos and podcasts that describe in detail the big LIE of the Nazi holocaust and the two world wars, or that I sympathise with Zionists or other jews – the biggest and most inhumane slave traders in history: you are mistaken.
    I also know that it is their ilk that are behind this wicked ‘covid’ and hysterically championed ‘vaccine’ agenda, being played out right now, and how they control the world’s banks and governments. And, why I know that any efforts by the likes of Reiner Fuellmich to challenge these creatures in their lawless, corrupt courts will be treated with the scorn and ridicule they see such efforts are worthy of.
    They have no reason to fear THEIR OWN law, but plenty of reason to fear large numbers of us, all standing up and refusing to obey them.
    But of course that will never happen while the confused and frightened masses continue to allow them to control and further subjugate them. They’ve done a marvelous job of destroying us and everything that was good in the world today including our churches and Christianity. They HATE us.
    We are currently living in the most unstable and terrifying era in human history, yet most don’t even know what’s going on, because the evil satanic, (jewish owned & controlled) media’s LIES have convinced them everything’s fine – just get your lifesaving covid ‘vaccination’ and life will be way better than before. They genuinely believe that and all of their lies.
    So heartbreaking, because nothing I (we) say convinces them otherwise.

    Our ONLY hope is what my devout Christian sister is always promising me will happen: that the TRUE Messiah (not ‘mortals’, i.e. Fuellmich or Trump or Q-anon etc.), the King: Jesus Christ will return and the great trial of all time goes ahead as He promised.

    I could sit here and type all day, but no need really. I don’t often comment about that (jews) topic, because much like the anti-humanity covid19 hoax, there are too many, even in our ‘ranks’ who believe all the hyperbole about the holocaust and the infinite myths about WWII, and how they were so badly treated and what saints they all are when it’s utter BS and the exact opposite is much nearer to reality.
    And, over the last 70 years or so they were just regrouping for their next assault on humanity. The UN and Klaus Schwab’s WEF is the equivalent of their ‘war office’ where they devise their evil plans and distribute their ‘orders’ to our treasonous, complicit governments.

    IOW: ihunt, you’ll see no opposition from me.
    Thanks for the links, I’ll try to read them all but can’t guarantee it.

  7. danceaway says:

    @ihunt, I think many of us are aware of that of which you speak. I do not know all the details, but have learned enough to get the gist of the real events, who the perpetrators were, what their agenda is, and their plans to carry it out. I hope it can be stopped, somehow, but know also we need to be prepared psychologically. I am trying, however, also, to remember what Tap and Ian R Crane teach us concerning the fate of our souls, which, in the end, is the most important thing, and not descend into fear, for that will produce exactly the outcome these demons desire. We need to try to keep our vibration high and raise the consciousness with love. If we fail, then so be it, but we will have tried, and I believe those on the other side, such as my late husband and Ian, are trying their best to help us.