6 Responses to “Dr David Martin, exposes more criminality. Well worth watching. With Stew Peters.”

  1. Deepseaninja says:

    David Martin is NOT who he claims to be……… He is one of THEM!!


    • ian says:

      Yes you are likely correct. He is exposing the facts though. Alan Vaughan and myself have been saying all along, that no-one is going to rescue us from this except us. Though that would entail a mass awakening. We must keep trying.

  2. Deepseaninja says:

    I agree with both Alan and your self that nobody is coming to the rescue and that we, as a collective have to do it. Interesting facts were divulged by Doc Martin (?) but why?? Without being guilty of ‘incitement’, how on earth are we supposed to come together and fight? I know all too well from personal experience that individuals who fight the narrative get swatted down like a pesky fly………

    • ian says:

      As well as this D’, we can’t be sure that his being discredited isn’t the psyop.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      ” Interesting facts were divulged by Doc Martin (?) but why?

      I also thought it seems to be another typical instance of ‘too good to be true’.
      Why did he wait 17 months to finally speak up?
      Bearing in Mind also: the presenter who interviewed him, how ‘reliable’ is he?
      Stew Peters is part of Alex Jones’s largely discredited ‘Info Wars’ team who welcome well known loonies such as Gomez Adams, who certainly help to reinforce the media’s assertions that we are indeed the conspiracy theorists they want the hopelessly indoctrinated public to perceive us as.
      Dr Martin was also interviewed by the Great Saint Reiner Fuellmich. I wonder if he asked him why it took him so long to suddenly come forward with his potentially societal changing revelations?

      On the other hand, even if he’s genuine, it won’t make any difference. We all know only too well now, how much ‘air time’ we’re given if we’re lucky enough to get a few words in anywhere, before being banned from social media, or otherwise silenced and even threatened for spreading ‘misinformation’. It’s hopeless and pointless now to even try to get the truth out to the masses, via the MSM or Alt-media on the Internet.
      Think: The Frontline Doctors, the Great Barrington Declaration and how much their awakening ‘project’ penetrated the stupefied masses, along with the numerous others who have tried to expose the lies, but what the TV and radio news told the sheep about them and of course: which the moronic group thinking sheep believed every word of.
      Like Fuellmich, their campaign was directed at the enemy who are behind the whole diabolical scam! These well intentioned people naively believed they were medically incompetent / ignorant and were merely making a huge mistake with lockdowns, muzzles and social distancing etc., etc..
      I can’t believe how naïve these otherwise highly intelligent people are! And that’s only the ones the complicit, lying media shills actually mentioned at all.

      So again, don’t waste your hopes on this now famous whistleblower – Dr David Martin, unless you’re some kind of masochist addicted to anguish, frustration and humiliating disappointment.

      As I always say: Our only hope is out there, in the streets in real life, and NOT COMPLYING with any of it – out there in the world. NOT posting comments online such as this, (which no-one that matters will even read), nor on TV, where if we’re not completely ignored, are ridiculed as covidiots, nut-jobs and dangerous misinformation spreaders who should be rounded up and imprisoned or, placed into psychiatric care, all ‘for the greater good’ of course…

      • ian says:

        Yes, well put Alan. In addition, I wasn’t aware of Stew Peters background. Thanks for that.