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Dictatorship Completed: Searches of 8 Prominent Critics of the CV Measures

ER Editor: We had reported on the home search (home invasion?) of Weimar Judge Christian Dettmar back in late April. See Search & Seizure at Home of Judge Who Rendered the Sensational Weimar Mask-Judgment.

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Dictatorship completed: searches of 8 prominent critics of the measure

Symbolic picture: Police before the apartment search / Freepik, edophoto

A comment by Willi Huber

What’s next? Citizens, who respect the rule of law and who have happily paid taxes for many decades in order to live in a safe democracy, are completely shocked. Whether this degree of arbitrariness would have existed in the GDR is questionable; rather, one finds oneself in the darkest Hollywood productions about the Hitler era. The fact that a state invades judges, lawyers and university professors based on their comprehensive and well-founded judgments and steals everything that is not nailed down has so far only occurred in countries ruled by a brutal military junta – or in socialist-style dictatorships.

Yesterday, armed and armored units of the Merkel regime marched into the premises of serious and peaceful critics of the Corona measures as if they were dangerous criminals. At the instigation of the public prosecutor’s office in Erfurt in Thuringia, which is ruled by successors of the SED wall rifle party ( see also here ), police units stormed the apartments and offices of the following people:

  • Judge Christian Dettmar (Weimar judge)
  • Judge Matthias Guericke (Weimar judge)
  • Prof. Ulrike Kämmerer (appraiser, sensational judgment / top candidate Die Basis)
  • Prof. Christian Kuhbandner (expert sensational judgment)
  • Prof. Ines Kappstein (appraiser, sensational judgment)
  • Ulrich Masuth (Bundestang candidate DieBasis)
  • Legal counsel for the children (sensational judgment)

Original court file stolen

The system’s vicarious agents also stole the original court file, which was in the litigator’s mailbox. The news portal 2020news.de, which reported extensively on the events, fears that the system wants to destroy such important evidence. With Judge Dettmar, it was already the second house search, weeks before the AfD country chief Höcke’s premises were also looted.

The procedure is shockingly reminiscent of the attacks that Hitler had carried out when he came to power in order to have documents from his childhood and youth confiscated.

Searches allegedly completely illegal

According to informal sources, there was not even a written order for the searches. Insiders speak of a “completely illegal verbal order”. It is completely unclear which “criminal offense” the system actually accuses the judge and the other persons of – except of disagreeing. In his sensational judgment, Judge Dettmar made the well-founded decision to prohibit corona measures such as social distancing and tests for children in order to avert further endangerment of the child’s welfare. At first the verdict was ignored, the state is now taking full force against judges and experts.

Search “to determine whether two people know each other”

In one case of searches of the Bundestag candidate Ulrich Masuth, the reason given was that they wanted to determine whether the wife of the house being searched knew the judge Christian Dettmar. An absurd farce, because in a constitutional state, the proportionality of a measure must always be taken into account. You could have just asked, but that never happened. In the apartment in question, nine pieces of technical equipment were stolen by the state bailiffs by means of state violence, which only Masuth’s wife would have witnessed. It is significant when a regime intrudes into the private quarters of opposition politicians during an election campaign period and robs them not only to spy on them completely, but also to make their political work more difficult. In addition, there is the psychological effect, which is intended to intimidate the victims and probably other opponents of the regime.

Germany no longer has the right to condemn human rights violations elsewhere

When official Germany points the finger at alleged human rights violations in other countries, where the opposition is suppressed or even imprisoned, one can only laugh sadly at the people involved. The ugly grimace of the oh-so-tolerant “left” and “good guys” is very clear, because the government in Thuringia is made up of “the left”, the SPD and the Greens. All of these parties have nothing to do with the rule of law and human rights, especially not when they are in power. With this action, Germany has proven once again in a terrifying sequence that democracy and the rule of law are dead. This country has failed in numerous respects – and the worst part is that many of its residents have not yet noticed or accepted it approvingly.

By the way: In 2020, “Die Linke” honored the wall rifleman Peter Göring, a border guard who shot a 14-year-old boy wanting to escape the GDR dictatorship. According to today’s “left,” this man “did an exemplary job”.

Perhaps one could already guess where the journey in this new Germany was going. Who knows, maybe soon it will no longer be enough for this regime to search the houses and apartments of its opponents.