‘Dial G for graphene web’

Graphene oxide in the vial? Is it G for grid or graphene?

Did you learn nothing of what the rhymes and tales truly mean?

Of the wicked stepmother, the trolls and witches of old?

Of how you are powerful if only you are bold?

And of the big bad wolf or the cunning fox?

Will you be jabbed to save you from the fake pox?

Or do you see through the graphene mesh of control,

Where 5G is 5 Graphene, the oxide basis of it all?


A metaphorical world where the truth is to be felt and known instinctively.

The ancient tales and rhymes of the nursery are there to warn the young child of the world and its predators. Did you learn nothing from Little Miss Muffet?

The engineered extension of childhood, via predictive programming embedded in films, class A drug proliferation, indoctrination in the govern-mental schools, in video games, the goggle box and all media has served to weave the web of deceit and control in which the majority of mankind is currently enmeshed.

This psychotic grid of control is a spider’s web that seemingly extends around the world, with the bankster-arachnid, Rothschild sat in the middle. There is even a spider named after the ‘Redshields‘, the world’s foremost financial controllers.

This web is so pernicious it now extends out on a micro-biological level through the vile vials of graphene oxide which are apparently been directly injected into vast numbers of the population, all round the earth, or plain-net.

The artist, Eva Rothschild has even produced this piece of monumental crap, a childish ‘sculpture’ that may be taken as a subliminal extension of the House of Rothschild’s web of nonsense:

Meanwhile, there is more information coming out about Graphene Oxide: how it is in other vials produced by BigPharma and what the potential effects are.


Take a look at this video which shows the electro-magnetic capabilities of graphene when used in conjunction with a Tesla coil –

Then, take notice of the reactions of this pair who have been jib-jabbed at this link to the Spanish researchers who have conducted laboratory analysis of what is in the vile vials:


Graphene oxide causes derealization symptoms in some vaccinees

Some vaccinees are reporting side effects related to a particular feeling of disconnection with reality after inoculation.

During program 81, Ricardo Delgado from La Quinta Columna has made reference to a video in which a young couple describes that they feel as if they were ‘floating in a bubble‘ after having been inoculated with the Moderna vaccine.

What could be the explanation for this phenomenon? Most likely, the graphene oxide present in the vaccination vial administered to these young people is wreaking havoc at the neuronal level.


However the tale of Miss Muffet is taken, it is certainly the case that when she ran away, she acted intuitively.  That intuition is part of what makes us the divine souls we are. Ignore it at your peril.

‘Dial G for graphene web’


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