12 Responses to “Deborah Tavares exposes “leaked memo” Lockdowns and worse. Courtesy of danceaway.”

  1. joseph2021 says:

    Mark Harper@Mark_J_Harper
    Told you so…

    …buried deep in a Govt document released Monday, they confirm the intention to renew emergency Coronavirus Act powers through the winter.

    What happened to “irreversible”?

    See the document for yourself here:

  2. joseph2021 says:

    So Spain and Holland are passing new laws. In the event of a national emergency they can enter you’re property without a warrant or consent. Separate men women and children and seize personal property! Wonder why they feel the need to pass laws like that. They know what’s coming!

  3. ian says:

    Remember the joke, where the guy’s car is in the garage. On arriving to pick it up, he’s escorted to the boss’s office and given coffee and asked to sit down. They tell him that a petrol truck which was delivering to them, reversed over the front of his car basically wrecking it. That due to it being on their premisses it won’t be insured. The guy is distraught. All of a sudden, the boss says, only kidding, one of the apprentices scraped the door, that’s all. The guy is relieved and delighted.

    Could this “Leak”, be like that? to prepare us for bad so that not so bad actually seems good. Just a thought.

    • joseph2021 says:

      Nice try but nope. Much worse than your wildest nightmares coming down the pike, if the controlllers get their way. It’s down to each one of us to change our future. However, it takes action and we’re running out of time.

      Thse guys who are happy to spend time, money and effort to get to London to stomp like wildebeest across the Serengeti plains should consider a change of tactics. If they were to set up a little stand in their locality and invite people to participate in the magnet challenge, they stand a better chance of winning over the great unwashed. Imagine a stand in hundreds of places all over the country. All you need is a few guys (even one if he’s brave enough not to need moral support), a large noticeboard or poster and a few magnets. There’s no need to hassle anyone. Just be there and let curious people approach them. Say there’s a rumour that 60% of vaxxed people have turned magnetic so would anyone wish to take up the magnet challenge….. Make like those Jehovah’s Witnesses. Only needs a few people standing around wherever people congregate or pass by.

      There’s rich pickings out there but who’s trying to reach out to the sleepers?

      • ian says:

        You’ve proof that it’s real the joseph2021, or perhaps you’re in a position to know?

      • joseph2021 says:

        Huh? I haven’t tested anybody to see if they are magnetic, if that’s what you are asking. I try to steer clear off people in case they’ve been vaxxed. It’s highly hazardous to be near vaxxed victims.

    • ian says:

      No I wasn’t asking about magnets. I was asking how you know “Much worse than your wildest nightmares coming down the pike,”. Do you have inside info?

      • joseph2021 says:

        Sigh….. The info is out there on the internet for everyone to see. The problem is that people do not know how to interpret what they see.

        For example, try this video and read some of the comments

        Do you grasp the implications?

      • ian says:

        Don’t sigh it’s a sign of needing a slap. Bollocks is how I describe that video. You a flat earther too? or perhaps some spotty soldier in 77 brigade?.

  4. Whackd says:

    You see what I mean? It’s pointless telling people these things. That’s why I sigh…. I posted that somewhere else and the cabal minion immediately gave it a lot of attention by posting a long screed discrediting it. ’twas the website’s minder.

    I posted something similar at the Keep Britain Free forum and suddenly I lost my posting rights. There’s no need for cabal guys to censor my posts or block me from posting because normies react just like you 🙂

    Now how would you have reacted if in 2019 I told you that people will be going around with toxic facemasks blocking their breathing and that over a billion people will queue up for euthanasia shots?

    Ahh, flat earth. I can tell you something about that too, which flat earthers never say but again, it’s not something that you would understand.

    You’ll sit up and notice when it’s too late. And that’s OK too.

    • Whackd says:

      Ooops! I was never any good at pulling the wool over anybody’s eyes. LOL! I remember the Farside comic strip where a dog is typing at the computer with the caption: “On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog!”

    • ian says:

      I’ll let it go at that. You’re doing a better job than I could.